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Economic Development slows


In recent months the economic development of the nation has slowed due to a decline in iron and coal mining which has led to decreased production of Steel. The Steel industry has been key to the countries development due to constant high prices on the global trade circuit. This lack of new funding by the Government to continue the expansion of its Steel industry has led to a decrease amount of Steel that can be placed on the global market in turn leading to a shortfall in funds to be used for the development of the nation.


Senior Staff Adviser Gary Tidwell has stated in a memo to the Board of Generals, "at current trends Erusean Steel Goods will fast decline and could be replaced even in our own country by foreign Steel unless the Government is willing to do something soon to increase the amount of Steel produced."


Currently the Board of Generals has yet to meet and make a decision on the matter and it is unlikely that the Supreme Commander will make a formal announcement anytime soon.



South Erusea Unrest


South Erusea has grown in unrest as the former members of the Peoples Democratic Party have rallied the city of San Salvacion to their cause of bringing about change against the current Military Government. This has led to clashes between both supporters of the Government and the PDP. Late yesterday afternoon the Erusean Civil Defense Force was dispatched to a rally which turned violent and eventually the CDF was forced to use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd. 


The Board of Generals is looking into bringing charges to the former members of the PDP on the count of inciting riots. Supreme Commander has announced that should the rallies increase or get more violent that the Army may be called in along with the Military Police.

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