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Best 'Rus Meeting

Mr Director

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Private to Belarus

Since Amnasador Velichko should be arriving in Kiev soon, we would be willing to meet with him at the Belarussian Embassy to discuss trade matters between our nations.



Ambassador Velichko would arrive in Kiev, and wait to see who would meet him.

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"Thank you for asking.  It has gone splendidly.  We have re-instated the 1996 Constitution with only a few slight changes, and parliamentary elections are taking place as we speak.  Tommorow the Provisional Government shall be stepping down in favor of an elected parliament.  Then Ukraine's government will be more empowered to carry out all the usual international agreements and treaties that it could wish to fulfill."

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"Yes, that is correct.  Tommorow, our newly elected government would even be able and willing to sign a Mutual Defense Pact with Belarus as well, should the Belarussian government be interested in one as well.  


I would offer such a pact today, but since the Provisional Government doesn't officially step down until tommorow, I don't have the necessary authorization to offer one quite yet."

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"Excellent. As far as trade agreements go, we in Belarus have been looking to gain access to the Ukraine's large mineral reserves. In exchange, Belarus could use its existing oil refineries at Mozyr and Mazeikiai to help Ukraine refine its oil reserves. We also have large reserves of Potash, and manufacture low cost but highly durable farm equipment, which could be used to help the Ukrainian agricultural sector.


Other than that, Belarus and Ukraine could potentially offer each other routes to the Black and Baltic seas, via the river and rail networks of our nations.


What are your thoughts on these?"

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"Those are all very excellent suggestions, and I believe Ukraine would be very open to all of them.


We could also offer the usual non-aggression, trade, inel-sharing, and defense pact terms, if Belarus would like, as well; all rolled together in the standard all-in-one form."

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Both Belarus and Ukraine, in order to reaffirm the cordiality and friendship between our nations, do hereby commit to this treaty.

Article I: Non-Aggression and Friendship
The undersigned agree to abstain from military action and all forms of espionage against each other, and will maintain courteous relations. All differences between the undersigned will be dealt with diplomatically.

Article II: Defense
If another nation takes aggressive action against one of the undersigned, the other shall provide moral, diplomatic, and military support as requested. Additionally, an attack upon either party shall give rise to an independent casus belli for the other signatory, irrespective of requested support.

Article III: Aid
The undersigned nations are encouraged, but not required, to provide economic and diplomatic aid when requested by the other signatory.

Article IV: Trade
The undersigned nations agree to grant each other Most Favored Nation status, as well as to eliminate or strongly reduce tariffs and custom duties/fees, and import/export quotas wherever possible in regards to the other signatory of this treaty.
Article V- Intelligence
Ukraine and Belarus both hereby agree to share intelligence critical to the safety and security of the other nation.
[font='times new roman']Neither signatory nation shall withhold information from the other signatory alliance that constitutes a direct threat to the security or well-being of the other signatory alliance.[/font]

[font=arial]Article VI: Cancellation[/font]
[font=arial]If either signatory finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent.

Any violation of Articles I, II, V, or VI of this agreement shall give the non-violating signatory cause to cancel this agreement immediately.

[font=arial]Signed for Ukraine,[/font]

[font=arial]X _____________[/font]

[font=arial]Signed for Belarus,[/font]

[font=arial]X _______________[/font] Edited by Euphaia
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