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The Bruin Concinnity

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I'd like to take a moment to say a few words about the Brown Sphere, but I'll just post this instead:

The following announcement is brought to you by Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Supernova-X, Atlas, The III Percent & The Atlantic Sphere Initiative.

The Bruin Concinnity
Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven


We, the Alliances of the Brown Sphere, being of sound mind and body and understanding the economic and ecological pitfalls of an unmanaged resource, have come together to proudly present this agreement hereby known as The Bruin Concinnity

Article 1 - Senate (Diversity of Cultures)

1. The Alliances of Supernova-X, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Atlas, and the Atlantic Sphere Initiative shall each be guaranteed one Senate seat.

2. The fifth seat shall remain open for any signatory who has the political/campaign power to obtain and secure that seat

Article 2 - Free Trade and Sanctions

All signatories agree that economic prosperity is essential for healthy, sustainable growth.

1. All signatories shall work together to fill trade circles.
2. No nations that are a member of any signatory alliance shall be subjected to economic sanctions without proper consent from their respective leader or representative. A minimum of a 24 hour investigation and cool off period is required per request.

Article 3 - Proposal Debate

1. Each signatory shall have open communication with other Brown Sphere Alliances before a vote on any Senate proposal is cast.
2. To ensure an open line of communication for all brown team members:
- The Alliance of Supernova-X agrees to host and control the #brownies irc channel.
- The Alliance of the III Percent agrees to maintain the Brownies Forum message board.

Article 4 - Global Catastrophe

1. In the event of global meltdown, each signatory agrees to maintain an acceptable level of civility when dealing with matters of the Sphere.

2. In the event of war, each alliance pledges not to attack each other. Each alliance also has the option to defend another signatory

Article 5 - Hunting Privileges

1. Each signatory agrees to respect the property rights of the others. Trespassing, theft, and vandalism shall be strictly prohibited. Any such crimes shall be seen as a direct affront to this agreement, and shall be dealt with accordingly.

Each Signatory agrees that Brown is our home and agrees to defend it against outside raiders and rogues.

Article 6 - The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

In times of trouble, all signatories understand that military force may be necessary for the preservation of their interests.

However, using such force against other brown team alliances is counterproductive to achieving stability and growth on the Sphere.

Signatories of these Accords agree to not take up arms against each other.

/s/ for

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Assembly Chairman - Greywall

Minister of Defense - Hankidan

Minister of Finance - Peroman200

General Assembly of GATO


Jrkee: President
Legion-X: Vice President, Minister of Defense
SuperCoolYellow: Minister of Internal Affairs
Dark Wizard: Minister of Finance

Mcp13 : Senate
Legion-x : Senate
SippyJuice: Senate
DarkWizard: Senate
Lemac: Senate


President, Ironman of Atlas and one half of the Atlas drunks: Alexio15
Vice President and one half of the Atlas drunks: Kiloist
Chancellor of Finance: nawnutakawedb
Chancellor of Internal Affairs: Grealind
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs: Danger
Chancellor of Defence: Helios
Senator of poop: Dorian Martell

The III Percent

The Joint Chiefs
Crask Mann
Lightning Jack

The Atlantic Sphere Initiative.

ZCKing, President
Mike Stache, Director of War and Internal Affairs
Acedog, Deputy of Trade Circles
Mysterious, Deputy of Audits
2Burnt2Eat, Retired Founder

The Bruin Concinnity Demi God



This announcement is brought to you by:

  • The Tree of Liberty
  • saxplayer of Arstoria
  • and viewers like "you"
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Holy shit.... This thing is finally done?? I'm going to echo the words of the coolyellow guy above me. Glad to finally see we came together and agreed on something besides that we all wanted to be on brown. 

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Good legislation takes time, it was a long road, but I couldn't be happier to finally see this come to fruition and I look foreword to working with each and every signatory on the road to prosperity.


Freelancer, I hope you are feeling better after that unfortunate accident you had. Did you heal up well?

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Freelancer, I hope you are feeling better after that unfortunate accident you had. Did you heal up well?

I'm good, age and stupidity or shall say hubris do not mix, (OOC) though the weather is breaking and I'm felling the need let loose a few rounds

I'm soon going to be a 10,000 time felon



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Democracy in action, plus funding terrorists organizations such as yours with an extra $9,000,000 is consider lives saved

I'm not really sure if you're calling me some kind of surgeon general terrorist here or what

What's the point in having a 7th slot if most can't fill 5 or 6? Just doesn't make sense.

So you're pleading innocence via incompetence. Fair enough. Edited by Neo Uruk
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