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Dissolution of the Aftermath bloc

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All good things must come to an end and so the members of Aftermath have decided as a family to end our time together as a bloc. Although Aftermath has come to an end, our friendships will remain. And so, for the last time, Aftermath would like to thank all of our allies and those who have fought alongside us. We also acknowledge those we had the privilege of fighting against and we thank them for some good memories.

Signed for the CCC,

Britishdude, Chancellor
Balin, Vice Chancellor
Llanowar Elf, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Soter, Minister of Defense
ElSuper, Minister of Economics
Lilweirdward, Minister of Internal Affairs

Signed for Invicta,

Ellis, President
King William, Vice President
President Gunn, Chief of Staff

xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jon32492, Minister of Internal Affairs
Contra, Minister of War 

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,

Aurelius, Secretary General and Foreign Affairs Minister
XxHouseArrestXx, Deputy Secretary General and Finance Minister

Signed for Supernova-X,

President- jrkee
vice-president - legion-x
MoIA - supercoolyellow
MoDA- jrkee the dictator
Signed for The Templar Knights,

Grand Master Teredona
Marshal of Foreign Affairs sojourner
Marshal of Defense Rustikus
Marshal of Members Mandystalin
Marshal of Finance Wiccan High Priest
Marshal of Recruiting Necron681
Elder Councilors Konstantine, StockHunter, Tiger c

Signed by the government of the United Purple Nations Edited by Cenk Uygur
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The North Atlantic Defense Coalition is proud to have been a member of Aftermath. Although it has been at times trying, we will continue to work cooperatively with and to maintain genuine bonds of friendship with those with whom we have unanimously dissolved this bloc today.


All of Aftermath decided to dissolve the bloc by unanimous and joint agreement several days ago. We felt that it would be it more fitting and appropriate to disband the bloc to which we all have dedicated so much in one last act of unity, friendship and good will, rather than letting it slowly disintegrate and perish. Regrettably, the actions of some today did not reflect that prior agreement.


I wish all our partners here today well. We will continue to work with those with whom we have separate treaties. With those that we do not have treaties, I am sure we will continue to maintain warm relations.



Secretary General

Edited by Cenk Uygur
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