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Ukraine Declaration of Existence


After several months of Ukraine's populace petitioning the USSR to allow for a referendum on independence, yesterday it finally happened, and the USSR allowed all of the Oblasts of Ukraine to independently hold it's own referendum on the matter.  


The population of Ukraine showed up to the referendum in record numbers, and the results have just moments ago been released.


Every Oblast save for three -- Crimea, Luhansk Oblast, and Donetsk Oblast, which voted to remain in the USSR -- has voted to once again become part of an independent, sovereign Ukraine.


Just moments after the official results of the referendum were released, Ukraine has officially released to the world it's Declaration of Existence, and is in the process of assembling a Constitutional Committee to draft a new Ukrainian Constitution.


In the meantime, a Provisional Government will be set up to govern Ukraine in the interim.  



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The growing desire of the Ukrainian people for statehood presented the Soviet leadership with a dilemma, especially those with some knowledge of history. Ukraine's declaration of independence had dealt a death blow to the first Soviet Union in 1991, and Moscow was anxious to prevent that scenario from happening again. (And not to mention, Ukrainian independence would create a potentially destabilizing precedence in a sprawling nation that had hundreds of nationalities within its borders). On the other hand, the Ukrainian people spoke, and the new Soviet Union was committed to listening to them. And Ukrainian independence would lend credence to the idea of a free, prosperous Soviet national community.
And so the government allowed a referendum to be held in the Ukrainian SSR (Crimea, being a separate SSR, wanted to remain in the USSR, and so did the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, which were part of the Russian SFSR). The overwhelming support for Ukrainian independence (over 99.4 percent) caught the Soviet authorities complete off-guard, and officials of the Soviet Central Election Commission had to verify the results several times to make sure there were no foul play involved. 
In the end, the results were verified, and the USSR announced that it would allow Ukraine to achieve "national sovereignty" -- as long Kiev signed a friendship treaty with Moscow, maintain open border policies, renounce claims over Crimea, respect the rights of Soviet citizens in Ukraine, and assume its share of the Soviet national debt. Moreover, the Soviet Defense Ministry announced that over half of Soviet forces stationed in the Ukraine would be withdrawn over a three-month period, with the rest being withdrawn in the six months after that. This was to ensure that the Ukraine would be protected during the fragile national formation phase. The Ukraine would be allowed to open its own oil platforms in the Black Sea, and would be given preferential oil prices similar to these of Soviet allies.
As soon the Ukraine made its declaration of existence, the Foreign Ministry would immediately issue a statement recognizing Ukrainian independence and welcoming it to exchange ambassadors.
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With the approval of our Soviet allies, the Northlands welcomes Ukraine to the world stage once more. We are eager to pursue amicable relations with a fellow European state and we are willing to exchange embassies when you are ready to do so. We look forward to cooperation between our nations and wish you will. 

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