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The Purple Nova Accords





Supernova-X and The Sovereign Order hereby agree to the following:

  • Supernova-X and The Sovereign Order will not engage in acts of aggression against one each other
  • The Sovereign Order will be under the protection of Supernova-X
  • The Sovereign Order holds the option to assist Supernova-x militarily
  • This treaty may be cancelled with 48 hours notice from either signee

Signed for Supernova-X

Jrkee: President


Legion-X: Vice President, Minister of Defense

SuperCoolYellow: Minister of Internal Affairs

Dark Wizard: Minister of Finance


Mcp13 : Senate

Legion-x : Senate

SippyJuice: Senate

DarkWizard: Senate

Lemac: Senate


Signed for The Sovereign Order

Premier: Ceres Sovereign 

Prime Minister: CobaltWolf

Lord Chief: Elite Virgin

Foreign Marquis: ElPresidente


I would like to note that it has been a pleasure working with Cobalt Wolf and the rest of TSO to make this happen.

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