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Dual Unions

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Dual Unions Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance


The Union of Communist Republics (UCR) hereby recognizes the legitimacy and protects the sovereignty of the Union of Global Socialist Republics (UGSR). 
Article 1: Union Stability.
The UGSR and UCR hereby agree to not attack one another. The UGSR agrees to not raid any alliances or be an aggressor in war. Should any issue arise the UGSR agrees to come to UCR for a solution, diplomatic or otherwise. 
Article 2: Bread Lines for All
The UGSR and UCR hereby agree to do trade with one another and allow tech deals to flow between the two for greater prosperity of all the people in both alliances. 
Article 3: Defend the Motherland!
The UGSR and UCR agree to come to one another’s aid in the event of a war, be it militarily, politically and or economically.
Article 4: Intelligence
All information that would aid either entity will be shared freely with each.
Article:5 Communication
UGSR is to keep in contact with UCR at all time, by any means necessary. Either via the UCR Foreign Affairs Commissar or Premier.
Article 6: Politics: The two parties are extensions of one another, thus one should not act in Foreign Affairs without the considerations of the other.
Article 7: Allotment
This treaty is a time table agreement and thus will only last 6 months, if more time is needed it may be requested.
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Thank you to our allies for the support. I'm looking forward to helping our new found friends, teach them, aid them, and even war with them.

Now that's what I like to hear! Your speaking my language now! :war: Say When! :ehm:

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