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Best Economic General Calculator


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Hi guys as this war has come to an end, i'm sure alot of us have gained alot of military XP. Since majority of us are going to be going through rebuild, why not use your XP to help you gain that extra buck when you back collect?


This calculator will calculate based off your input the best Economic General (This is not for choosing Generals for war)


Some features:

  • The general that will give you the most $$ extra per day (income & upkeep included) based on how many XP points you have available
  • Will calculate based on increased economic benefits
  • Will choose the best general, this may not necessarily be the most expensive (XP wise)
  • Calculates for each military branch.

If you have any questions / suggestions feel free to post here or send me a PM.


Link to tool is here: https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/tools/generals


Shoutout to onbekende for the algorithm.

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