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(OOC: I picked the Houston Chronicle because, after doing research, it would be the largest newspaper, or one of, in my nation even though I have never heard of it before in my life :P)


Milton Luke Inaugurated, Begins Talks with Union


Montgomery, Alabama- Today the inauguration ceremony of the second president of the Confederate States of America took place, marking a milestone in American history. What did President Luke address in his first speech as president? He addressed many issues facing the old nation, including the Union, the United States of America.


Milton Luke, President of the Confederate States as of 3 hours ago, spoke in his inaugural address about the issues facing the Confederacy, mainly of our relations with the United States, who hold our eastern border and is the only nation sharing an official border with the nation. The four Union states formerly Confederate states(Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia) hold a strange place in the Confederacy. Although they are, in a sense, claimed by the C.S.A, we have no effective control over the states and they are thus disputed land similar to Missouri in 1861-1865.


Luke now has resorted to the White House(See above) where he is working diligently to solve all issues facing our nation. Rumor tells that a meeting with the Union has already been scheduled. The nation has put it's trust in our new president in hopes that he may be a victorious successor to President Jefferson Davis.

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