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Confederate States of America

Peter Ilyich

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  The wind blew hard on a cold winter day. The cold breeze whistled at the people gone to witness the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was about to take place. For weeks, the south had been planning, plotting, and preparing. The reformation of the United States, although an unexpected turn of events, shook the plans of the region and had taken away some of their most valuable lands. Unfortunately, the last thing the south needed right now was another war on their hands, and it was hard enough that their were likely plenty of misinterpretations of this nation and what it is based on. Some people would likely not even care to recognize the legitimacy of the nation as a whole.


  James Bonham, Jr. was medium size, for both height and weight. Seeing him in formal wear is just as likely as seeing a dog hate toys. Bonham would have a cowboy hat...and jeans. He had worked to establish governments all across the south, and now the final step was here. A government as similar to the United States' as the Confederacy's would be nearly impossible unless they simply copy/pasted it. However, a few changes were set in place. First, federalism would be written up. In other words, state's rights. It would be up to the states whether or not they wanted to trade with others, raise or lower taxes, export more, import more, etc. The one who helped write this constitution: James, or Jim, Bonham, Jr.


  You could believe it or not, but this reincarnation was not about slavery. Slavery was not what brought this new nation to be: This nation is formed to establish representatives for the people of the region, and allow them many of the things the Confederacy originally fought for; which does not include slavery. The "Emancipation Proclamation" is practically copied and then pasted into the Confederate constitution, at this juncture.


  "Congress, I welcome you to Montgomery. There is an important issue to be discussed," Bonham said, "We need to discuss borders with our neighbors."


Name: Confederate States of America

Government: Federal republic

Currency: Confederate Dollar

Head of State: President

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Like everwhere else in North America, the Japanese protectorate authorities had went and dismantled military industries and the Commonwealth army. Solely the old bases were still around, in use by the Japanese who were stationed there to protect North America. But like with the USA at the East Coast, the rise of the Southern states would be noted by the Japanese and would swiftly be acknowledged, as independence was to be restored. An ambassador, Nosuke Shinji, would be sent to Montgomery, to represent the Japanese and to hand the new government an official communique recognising their existence, informing them of the withdrawal of Japanese forces scheduled over the coming weeks and an invitation for a meeting with Prime Minister Akiyama Kagami in Tokyo.

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Given the first meeting went seemingly nowhere, multilateralism was obviously not going to work and bilateralism was the new approach. Thus, Nosuke Shinji requested a meeting with the Confederate States, so as to establish proper relations.


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