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Replacement GM Elections

Evangeline Anovilis

Replacement GM January-April  

17 members have voted

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Ok, as time has long been up, here are the results.


Centurius - JEDCJT, Mr Director, PresidentDavid, Centurius, Yawoo, Triyun, Voodoo Nova (6 total)


Shave N Haircut - KaiserMelech Mikhail (1 total)


Greywall - Evangeline Anovilis, Markus Wilding, Peter Ilyich, Shave N Haircut, Greywall (4 total)


KaiserMelech Mikhail - Justinian the Mighty, Imperator Azenquor (2 total)


PresidentDavid and Markus Wilding were not counted, due to lack of a valid nation at the time of the vote. Still, Centurius has received the most votes and will serve as third GM for the remainder of the term.


next elections are scheduled to start at April 15th.

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