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5BR trade circle on blue!


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Hello! I'm setting up a trade circle on blue that will grant your nation some great resources, and a wealth of bonus resources on top of that! What will you be getting in return for your participation in this TC? Simple: asphalt, construction, automobiles, steel, and-- most importantly-- booze. That's -5% infra upkeep, -7% infra cost, +10 aircraft limit, -15% navy purchase costs, and +5 happiness, since all that alcohol helps your people to forget that they're just peons in a virtual nation simulator in a country called 'Buttsland'. Yeah yeah, I know, you were twelve when you made the nation and you didn't think you'd be sticking with the game this long. We've heard it all before.


BUT WAIT! There's more!

There actually isn't. I just really wanted to use that phrase. Anyway, anybody who's interested can hit me up right over here so I can get you situated in the TC and your people can begin drowning their sorrows away in booze!




Fish: filled by yours truly!
wheat: see above

aluminium: JWebb


marble: JWebb



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