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CNRPA is a diverse and large world. Everyone has their characters. It can be pretty easy to forget who is who. So I've decided to provide this thread and a basic template so there is an easy reference.
Thank you Rudolph for this template:

Dynasty: (If applicable, if not delete this entry)
Date of Birth: 
Eye Color: 
Hair Color: 
Brief Physical Description:
Describe Personality:
Image of Character: (If any)
Character's Profession: (If government, specify.)
Additional Information:

Alphabetical Listing of Characters:

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Name: Empress Hoshiko (Birth Name: Kazuko
Dynasty: Yamato
Age: 47
Date of Birth: April 30th 20XX
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'4 
Weight: 120 
Frame: Athletic
Describe Personality: Kazuko is a blend of traditional Japanese and a more modern style, constantly conflicting inside her internally, to most in meetings she is cool to outsiders but to those who actually spend time around her she is quite relaxed and almost silly, though its rare as the head of state to get intimate friends often.
Image of Character:[spoiler]
Character's Profession: Empress of the Yamato Dynasty, Ruler of Japan, Avatar of the Shinto Gods.
Additional Information: Advanced training in Hand to Hand combat(Aikido, Jujutsu), and Personal Defense(Shorinji Kempo). completed the training regiment for the Japanese Special Operations. Jūdan in Iaido, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Kendo. Since the Nuclear attacks against Japan she is rarely seen without the Sword of Axum, an intricate blade with very delicate series of etchings of cherry blossoms on the hand guard, in a Russian Olive wood scabbard that has a steel end cap with etchings of cherry blossoms on it.

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Name: Dmitri Volgin
Age: Classified
Date of Birth: Classified
Eye Color: Classified
Hair Color: Classified
Height: Classified
Weight: Classified
Brief Physical Description: Built like Ivan Drago
Describe Personality: Hard-working, pragmatist, ideologically moderate 
Image of Character: [spoiler]2271548-drago.jpg[/spoiler]Character's Profession: First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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Name: Mohammed Usbara
Dynasty: none
Age: 39
Date of Birth: 
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'11
Weight: 198
Frame: overweight
Describe Personality: cold
Image of Character: depositphotos_4760278-A-Middle-Eastern-b
Character's Profession: Head of state of the Iraqi Republic
Additional Information: Usbara was a soldier in the Iraqi army during the US occupation and following schism and civil war. Prior to that he served in Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard and was considered quiet and reserved until he began assembling his own collection of officers loyal to him to reform Iraq. He has since been the President of the Iraqi Republic, his regime  has been one of control, manipulation and use of military force. The Republic has since become an economic powerhouse and unopposed military power in the Middle East. 

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Name: Juan Andres
Age: 56
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black and silver
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150ish
Brief Physical Description: Athletic
Describe Personality: Intelligent, calm, quiet, has an air of mystery and seriousness although can get very casual.
Character's Profession: President (Soon to be)
Additional Information: Ex black wasps, skilled in a mixture of fighting arts used in Black Wasps training. Capable of using a wide range of weapons. Always carries a cane with a hidden blade inside with which he is very skilled at using.
(If your cool with scifi RP) He is the source of the UCS's advanced tech, having been sent from an alternate universe against his will. (He's actually a character from another scifi RP I did.) His Purple eyes are publicly a rare birth defect, but in actuality is a normal evolutionary trait from his world and gives him unique abilities.

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Name: Wraith
Dynasty: Wraith
Age: 28 (deceased)
Date of Birth: September (exact date unknown)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lbs
Brief Physical Description: Data corrupted
Describe Personality: Secretive, reclusive, and single-minded in the pursuit of a better New Morrowind for his people
Image of Character: Data corrupted
Character's Profession: Former Chief Administrative Officer of New Morrowind
Additional Information: The real Wraith passed away during the long, arduous journey to New Morrowind. The Wraith who lead the nation during his reign was a clone. Sadly, the template was lost prior to the demise of Administrator Wraith and the nation was forced to seek a new leader.
Name: Nagato Yuki
Dynasty: Wraith
Age: 2 (Apparent age: 19, retired)
Date of Birth: September (exact date unknown)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Violet
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110lbs
Brief Physical Description: Data corrupted
Describe Personality: Calm and calculating, but unwaveringly loyal to her people
Image of Character: Data corrupted
Character's Profession: Former Chief Administrative Officer of New New Morrowind
Additional Information: Following a period of turmoil and unrest after the passing of Administrator Wraith, a new leader emerged to reunite the people of New Morrowind and bring them back on course for achieving their former glory. Administrator Yuki was, in truth, an advanced and recently self-aware avatar of former Administrator Wraith's administrative assistance software. Upon realizing the state of the nation, Yuki diverted funds and STEM manpower towards preparing a physical form for herself which would allow her to address the people as one of them.
Name: Shokkou
Dynasty: Wraith
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: May 22nd
Eye Color: n/a
Hair Color: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Brief Physical Description: n/a
Describe Personality: Depends on the current holder of the title. The Computer is unstable and can exhibit any behavior pattern.
Image of Character: Classified
Character's Profession: President of Alpha Complex
Additional Information: Upon the retirement of Administrator Yuki, New New Morrowind fell into decline. The years between her retirement and the ascension of the Friend Computer and establishment of Alpha Complex have been lost to history, now little more than myth passed along by word of mouth and the ever-present vidscreens that bear the Computer's message. To make itself appear more human to its citizens the Computer took the name Shokkou. Constantly in a state of turmoil engineered to foster competition and innovation, at least one rebel group is known to have seized control of the Computer room and used the title of Shokkou to spread their propaganda beyond the walls of Alpha Complex. While the Computer is itself another self-aware piece of former administrative software, it is unknown how far it has deviated from its original form as a result of data corruption and external influences.
Name: Shokkou (Punished Weeaboo)
Dynasty: Wraith
Age: 48
Date of Birth: Exact date unknown 
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 196 lbs
Brief Physical Description: See image
Describe Personality: A principled warrior, though ultimately loyal only to the mission and the battlefield.
Image of Character: 
Character's Profession: Commander of Militaires Sans Frontières and occupying/liberating ruler of Alpha Complex (opinion varies)
Additional Information: The people of New Morrowind had led a tumultuous life since the retirement of Administrator Yuki, made all the more chaotic by the unpredictable and often self-contradicting nature of the administrative AI supercomputer which took charge of them in the wake of the power vacuum. By the time of Shokkou, Punished Weeaboo's rise to prominence the overwhelming majority of New Morrowind's former citizens had been moved into a massive underground compound named Alpha Complex (official complex reports claimed this figure was 100%, but a census taken following Punished Weeaboo's operation found it to be closer to 75%). As the Computer's behavior became more erratic and unhinged, one of the many secret factions within the complex reached out to the mercenary group MSF to depose the Computer and put an end to the constant jockeying for power between the secret societies. Punished Weeaboo entered New Morrowind and infiltrated Alpha Complex on Operation Intrude V915. After making his way to the Computer Room, he destroyed the Computer and revealed the truth to the people of Alpha Complex. Some chose to leave, unable to accept what they had been told. Some stayed to resist Punished Weeaboo's leadership. Many chose to stay and live in the nation Punished Weeaboo had renamed to Outer Haven. Since then, Outer Haven has been a training and staging area for MSF as they conduct mercenary operations around the world.
Edited by Shokkou
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