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Factbook of the United Worker Republics

Peter Ilyich

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United Worker Republics(U.W.R)

Factbook and Information


United Worker Republics of the British Isles(formal, official)
United Worker Republics(common, unofficial)Worker Republics(unofficial)
U.W.R.(official abbreviation)
"Workers of the World Unite!"(Official)
"Opportunity and absolute gain"(Patriotic)
The Internationale
English Version
Arise, ye workers from your slumber,
Arise, ye prisoners of want.
For reason in revolt now thunders,
and at last ends the age of cant!
Away with all your superstitions,
Servile masses, arise, arise!
We'll change henceforth the old tradition,
And spurn the dust to win the prize!
  So comrades, come rally,
  And the last fight let us face.
  The Internationale
  Unites the human race.
  So comrades, come rally,
  And the last fight let us face.
  The Internationale
  Unites the human race.

Capital and Largest City:
Alexandria, England WR
Formerly London, England
Laws of the Land of Great Fortune
Constitution of the United Worker Republics
Single-party semi-presidential
communist confederacy
President: Joseph Alexander
Vice President: Louis May
Prime Minister of the Republics: Richard Hamilton
The Ministry
Round Table of Workers
Senate Seats:
Labour/Communist/Socialist: 120
Other: 0
Round Table of Workers Seats:
Labour/Communist/Socialist: 100
Other: 0
Chairman: Nicholas McCoy
Worker's Pound
Official Language:
Official Religion:
None at a Federal Level
United Worker
United Republican
Date Format:
Time System:
Drives On The:

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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The Armed Forces of the United Worker Republics are loosely based upon the former Red Army and the whole Soviet Armed Forces. It was, in fact, established before the nation itself and is the main peace-keeping body in the isles in which the Republics are upon. However, the Republics Armed Forces are separated into three categories: the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy.



The Army of the United Worker Republics is the largest branch of the nation's military. Inside it, all of the Worker Republics (WR) own and manage their own sub-sections of the Army, and governors of the Republics are given authority to command the armies so long as they do not conflict with the orders of the President of all of the Worker Republics. Each Republic has its own troops either drafted or enlisted, and each one is given the job of ordering the construction of tanks and other armored vehicles. The forces, during wartime, however, are designated as the President's Army, and the President is therefore handed full command of all of the sub-armies.
WR Army: Soldiers/Tanks
England WR: 50,000/500
Ireland WR: 30,000/300
Scotland WR: 20,000/150
Wales WR: 7,000/115
North Ireland WR: 5,000/75
Man WR: 740/25
Total: 112,740/1,165

Air Force


The Air Force of the United Worker Republics is the second largest branch of the Armed Forces of the United Worker Republics. Unlike the Army, the Air Force is managed directly by the government at a federal level rather than being managed mostly by the individual republics. The Air Force's headquarters is located in Surrey, however the majority of the planes are scattered across various restricted air fields across the isles, some in which are not even known to exist. The entire authority over the Air Force and its commandment is given to the President, who may delegate people to command them, or command them himself.
WR Air Force: Active Aeroplanes
F-35A: 40
AC-130 Spectre: 20
Mikoyan MiG-29: 20
B-1 Lancer: 10
B-2 Spirit: 10
E-9A Widget: 10
MC-130J: 10
Total: 120



The Navy of the United Worker Republics is the smallest branch of the military however is highly regarded as possibly the second most essential, behind only the Army. The Navy, who's commander-in-chief, the Grand Admiral is appointed by the President, contains ships manned and operated by enlisted soldiers who are appointed to the ships rather than the Army or the Navy. The unofficial base of operations is Dover, however officially it is considered Bristol, England WR.
WR Navy: Active Ships
Corvette: 12
Frigate: 5
Battleship: 4
Frigate: 2
Nuclear Submarine: 2
Diesel Submarine: 2
Air Craft Carrier: 1
Total: 28 Edited by Peter Ilyich
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