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Long term - Tech deals - 6m for 100 tech


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Hello everyone.


I wish to sell technology 6m for 100 tech, however to improve the usage of aid slots this is how it will work.



You send me 9m

I will send you 100 tech

You send me 9m

I will send you 100 tech

I will send you 100 tech


This would complete this round of the tech deal, Then we will start the second round, as you can see you are paying 18m for 300 tech working out as 6m for 100 tech, but this will be done within 50 days (five rounds of sending back and forth) instead of the normal 60 days (Six rounds of sending back and forth).


If you wish to partake, please message me in game and send 9m.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post


Aid slots

1 - Taken

2 - Taken

3 - Taken




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