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First off, let's give credit where credit is due: Happy 8th anniversary of the Great Greenlight to Farkistan.
On this day 8 years ago--a boring Wednesday--the Greenlight ushered in over 800 nations, Schloss Eggenberg was one of them. 
Ironically enough, I remained unaligned for 6 months, then joined GOONS just in time for ModGate, the Moldavi Rebellion/Affair, and the UnJust War.  As an unaligned, I was completely ignorant of world events, ho ho.
In November, the remaining gov, Sarafina and Alastor, told us to either really surrender and get on with our lives, or fake surrender and sign up for Hidden GOONS.  So, I planted one on IRON's behind and got to work as a sleeper for the next 7 months.

As a Hidden Goon, I first went to RoFL, a GOLD diaspora AA, where I was made MoD because I had a copy of that expletive-filled war guide by Arcades.  We merged into Purge, another GOLD diaspora AA, where the MoD resigned because RoFL sucked, so I was made MoD there.  Our "protector" TPF dissolved our triumvirate and installed a viceroy one day because they were planning to merge with a Starfox startup and get a new protector, so I was made Emperor of Purge.  I pissed on DarkMistress's boots on the night IRON declared on GPA, and Purge was shortlisted for a good stomping, so we disbanded. 
I went to Browncoats, because ChairmanHal was Prime Minister and I had a huge crush on his brain.  While there, I disrupted the attempts of a bunch of crappy Polaris toadie AAs, the Dark Confederate bloc—whose graves I piss on—to kick WarriorConcept and Sarafina, the remaining 2 GOONS Senators out of the Senate, which of course resulted in a lot of threats and a court martial for me, from which I emerged victorious.  A few weeks later, most of the active members poached off to form a new AA under the protection of our duplicitous ally IAA, and Hal left for Valhalla, so I ran for MoFA.  There I instigated the Bubblegum War along with BDC President Zzzptm to prevent half of Black from getting drawn into the war through our treaty chains.  The plot was discovered when an idiot Browncoat (probably Han Fei Zi) posted logs in an attempt to save our honor, but any moron ought to have known that he was just going to get them killed, and that's just what happened because their is no honor on Digiterra, not now or ever and especially not then.  The outcome was rough, but the plan was beautiful.  Whatever your opinion, it did transition me from notable OWF loudmouth to international infamy.
I fought Browncoats/Polaris/Dark Confederate PZI for a few weeks, then joined TOP, where my anti-Pacifican politics made me the most popular member behind Revolution XYZ.  While there, GOONS finally disbanded for real in June 2008.  I got in hot water at TOP, they kicked me out and converted my rebuilding aid debt to 1,600 tech and proposed to hold me in limbo until it was repaid, and I didn't much give a rat's ass post-GOONS, so I killed myself on Manic Monday along with several other luminaries who were also fed up with the Continuum-ruled world.  Fortunately, as a body-snatching time observer, I am immortal.
A couple weeks later, the noCB War began and Starfox and Doitzel asked me to join them and 8 others in forming a super group to verbally thrash the evil Continuum.  It was supposed to last a couple weeks and then we'd be gone again, but within 2 or 3 days over 200 nations joined our AA, and Vox Populi was thus transformed from a troll party into a real live movement that went on for 9 months and laid much of the climate change needed for Karma to take down Continuum.  In Vox, my niche was a weekly publication, This Week in Pacifica, which took spy reports and made them public sport.  It was a blast.
Post-Vox, I founded Cult of Justitia to continue- and expand on some of the serious philosophical ideals of Vox.  The seriousness of our ideals, rigorous application standards, and opposition status in the world ensured on one hand that we were never going to be very big, but on the other that what nations we had were dedicated.  Those who weren't serious were shown the door, as I famously expunged half our membership on the eve our optional entry into the Doomhouse-NPO War in defense of NPO.  To this day I am still extremely proud that Justitia's Cult attracted the caliber of members that it did.  I also owe them all a debt of gratitude, especially Don Chele.  By the end of the Equilibrium War, Justitia's Cult had run its course, and for that matter so had I, so we shut the doors on the Justitian Mystery, which I assure you is quite serious and real, and archived in only two places on this planet.
Since CoJ, I have been in Polaris.  Given my early history, many have been puzzled and some hostile about it, but the answer is simple and has guided me since Vox: Honor truth, not men.  I do not reduce allegiance to petty friendship, but align to ideals.  Polaris today is not the Polaris that PZIed me and dozens of others, it is one of very few alliances that both took Justitia's Cult and its ideals seriously, and was not afraid to be seen with us.  I have mostly kept to myself since joining Polaris aside from a few months as Deputy MoFA.
I set pen to paper tonight with it in mind that I was going to write just a few sentences, and here we are.  Well, you all always loved me for my essays, anyway.  Frankly, the last time I made an anniversary thread it was criticized as too egotistical, so by comparison I have kept this simple.


I'm hesitant to make a list for fear of leaving people out, but I do want to say that there are a lot of players past and present who've been good friends or allies, and I appreciate you all.  ChairmanHal has always been a voice of reason and a good friend to bounce things off of; Don Chele and Biff Webster did a lot of heavy lifting in CoJ; however depraved we were, long hours in #goonrush were a lot of fun with some funny and mostly good people; Sigrun, Van Hoo III, Dajobo, BloodFury, Yawoo and Daggarz were invaluable allies; and the entire Vox crew (there were 200-300 of you and I'm sorry I don't know you when you query me nowadays).
That's it.  I guess if you want to get interactive I'll answer any questions or return any barbs.

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Am I your favorite player of all time?

Every Tuesday!


I always walk into a Schatt anniversary thread to see if he mentions how much The Brotherhood !@#$ upon Dark Confederate and leave empty handed each time :(


Good job on making it to 8 years, Schatt. I miss our talks and we should catch up soon.

8 years leaves a lot to forget :wacko:  Corey Faith sucks!  Death to Sharduke! 


Nation Created: 2/13/2007 5:46:42 PM (2,922 days old)


Yeah, Great Greenlight on Fark brought me here.  Still can't find the damn exit.   <_<  


Congrats on 8 years.

Greetings, fellow traveller

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8 years. Congratulations! Ready for your spanking? :awesome:


I will always remember CoJ as a visionary alliance, one of the very few with the guts and vision to try something different and really put the money where the mouth is. It was a real loss, but I am glad to see Polar is working out well for you.

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As a ruler who came to be in early 2008, you and many of the infamous people you mentioned have always been "those demigods of Bob" in my mind, silly as that sounds to write out. I've never aspired for international spotlight, but the intellectual and philosophical mastery shown by you and the others you spoke of has been something I have always been inspired by and impressed by. 


That being said, congrats on eight years. Bob would without a doubt not be the place it is today without you in it. 

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I have always admired the design behind the Bubblegum War, but I could do so only because your plans were uncovered.

I still remember fondly our verbal skirmishes when you were posting leaks from the MHA forums, back in Vox's times... You are one of those that it's really hard to take on, absolutely a valiant opponent. You know that you have my respect.

It's now some time that we don't really chat on IRC, but I know that we will again, sooner or later.

Congratulations on your eight years, My Dear Shantamantan(tm). I look forward to your next feats.

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Your despicable conduct that kicked off the bubblegum war was forgiven in light of the hilarious TwIp. You never really have gotten as close to the level of gold star worthy material for twip as you have with your later offerings. One day maybe, keep on keeping on you disgusting traitorous slimeball. 

There ya go folks, anyone who this multiple offence rogue and degenerate Chaos Spawn doesn't like is probably one of the good guys.
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