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Arabian Oil, Saudi Acquisition

Shave N Haircut

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From the incredibly productive meeting in Tehran, Burhan al-Samara would not fly home. He had other meetings that needed attending, and other acquisitions to make before he was through this week. The flight to Riyadh would be longer than the first one, and as such, the festivities would be somewhat more mild, necessary to make them prolonged enough to get him there.


When he dismounted, he was still remarkably well groomed, which wouldn't be expected of a lesser man, but he was special. He smiled and waved to anyone who would be taking pictures, which the press always were, and waited for his car to be unloaded so he could drive to the palace of the Arabian Prince. When he arrived, he was no less enthusiastic than when he had gotten to the palace of the Persian royalty. An infectious smile on his face, he mounted the steps up to the grand doors. His appointment was very soon.

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