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Imperial-Arabian Relations


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The Imperial Government had dispatched a delegation to be lead by the defense minister but accompanying him officials from the ministries of economics and intelligence to head to Riyadh.  The Arabian Nation represented a rise of a potential second super power, a spot that had become vacant at least for now the collapse of Athens, and in fact, was in a strong position vis a vis the Athenian State, a traditionally friendly nation to the Empire.  The Arabs also were now positioned to border Russia, Tianxia's sole remaining ally.  All this while the Imperial Army was  busy reasserting South East Asia into its rightful place.  If this unified Arab state wanted to cause trouble it could.


At the same time, for all the realist reasons to want to weaken Arabia, cooperation was thought necessary if not optimal: the Arabs held a very strategic spot which Tianxia had always had relatively easy access to allowing it to remain the hegemon of the Indian since defeating the Kingdom of Cochin.  They also had access to many supplies of cheap oil, which Imperial Domestic supplies were not so large as at the height of the Empire, and the American suppliers were now completely cut off with the war between Japan and America.  


Imperial officials were waiting, dressed in business suits waiting to see who from the Arabs arrived and what their disposition would be.

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