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Oregon Elections



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It was election time in the Republic of Oregon. The fledgling nation needed a strong national leader to help guide it in the direction it needed to travel. With most of the citizens getting antsy, it was hoped these elections would be quick and painless. Although most analysts speculated the would be a large amount of fraud and cheating to obtain official positions.



Jeffersonian Party: The Jeffersonian Party wishes to accomplish what Thomas Jefferson originally idolized for the Pacific Northwest, a strong self sufficient nation encompassing what was the Oregon Territory.

Economic Policy: The Jeffersonians want to organize a moderate tax which affects citizens equally and to trade with only fellow american nations.

Foreign Policy: The Jeffersonians would like to establish friendly relations with all american nations.

Military Policy: Jeffersonians believe the military should receive the amount of funding it is currently getting with no increase or decrease.

Social Policy: Individual freedoms will not be restricted by anyone, assuming they stay within the law of course.

Expansion Policy: Oregon should expand until her borders are reminiscent of the Oregon Territory's border.



Democratic Party: The Democratic Party follows that of the US of old and wishes to remain the same as they are for the time being,

Economic Policy: The ODP wants an increased taxation based on wealth and status, and is open to trading with all nations of the world.

Foreign Policy: The ODP wishes to have cordial relations with all countries of the world, except any that adhere to the following of communism.

Military Policy: The ODP wishes to see major reductions in military spending.

Social Policy: Equal rights for one and all.

Expansion Policy: Oregon should not expand past her current borders, unless it is through strict democratic resolutions.



Oregon Communist Front: The Oregon Communist Front wishes to spread the ideals of Communism throughout the entire western hemisphere.

Economic Policy: The OCF will reduce all taxation to a very minimum level. Trading will be done with Communist nations exclusively.

Foreign Policy: The OCF wants to create strong ties with all communist nations, regardless of location.

Military Policy: The OCF will expand the Military budget to tremendous levels, never before seen in Oregon.

Social Policy: Self-Explanatory

Expansion Policy: The OCF wants to expand and reclaim all parts of the United States that were lost in the World Collapse.

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