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The Sovereign Order


Declaration of Existence 


"Loyalty, and to promote unity and prosperity for all."


Alliance Page:



Information Page (not finished): 










The Charter of The Sovereign Order
"Loyalty, and to promote unity and prosperity for all."
Article I: Acceptance and Denial
Applicants must PM the Premier who has the right to accept of deny.
Article II: The Executives 
The Premier
The Premier is the acting power and face of the Sovereign Order alliance.
A bill passed by the Premier is declared constitutional law and amended into the constitution. 
The Premier may also appoint a Commissioner, equivalent to a Deputy. 
The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister is the second-in-command of the alliance. 
If the case arises in where the Premier is unable to fulfill their duties, the Prime Minister shall take command as acting Premier until the original Premier is able to serve once more. 
Article III: The Greater Council
The Council is a group of six individuals, who each retain power over their certain aspect of the alliance. 
Councilmen openly draft and discuss bills, later deciding whether to pass them on to the Premier.
Councilmen are also in charge of making relevance to alliance activity.
The Earl of Defense
The Earl of Defense is responsible for coordinating member nations during wartime. 
During a time of threat, the Earl can issue a Declaration. Only the Premier can turn this into a Declaration of War. 
The Duke of Labor
The Director of Labor is responsible for forging alliance trade circles.
Trade circles are not mandatory and every member does not have to be in one. 
A member nation may remain in a different color sphere, provided that specific trade circle is present. 
The Technology Baron
The Baron is in charge of ensuring that Tech Deals are readily available for members.
The Baron also can set up Tech Circles such as 5x5s or 3x3s, which differ in process. 
Tech deals are offered to every member but are not mandatory. 
The Duke of Prosperity
The Prosperity Duke is responsible for ensuring that members are active and consistently growing their own nations. 
The Duke directly works with players and other Councilmen. 
The Foreign Marquis
The Foreign Marquis is responsible for the foreign affairs of the alliance. 
The Marquis handles all diplomats from the alliance and any ambassadors from other groups. 
The Recruitment Baronet
The Baronet is the main recruiter of the alliance.
The Baronet also manages all alliance recruiters.
Article IV: Title Positions
Elder Senator
The Elder Senator is the candidate up for elections in the color sphere senate race. 
Lord Chief
Or Alliance Judge, the Lord Chief holds cases that result in the internal affairs of the alliance. Cases among the lines or impeachment, rogue declarations, and also maintaining that elections run smoothly. 
Jurors are appointed by the Lord Chief, they overall hold no governmental authority. During alliance cases, the Jurors provide their own opinions to help guide the Lord Chief in deciding upon a case. The secondary duty of a Juror is to maintain that alliance members remain active.
A Viscount is an alliance member who is noted for taking up arms or defense during a conflict. The entity of, “Alliance before self”.
The title of Baron is reserved for those who take serious involvement into the alliance and awarded by the Premier.
Article V: Alliance Policies
-No attacking foreign players under any alliance names.
-Participation is optional, activity is required."

(Our full constitution can be found on our forums site.)


The Sovereign Order was originally formed by the merger of the Central Orders Representing Epistemology and the Varangian Guard in mid-November 2014.


The Sandstorm Confederacy (MDoAP) is our current ally.


(We also deal 6/100, our list can be found here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/125505-tech-sellers-6100s/)

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