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Unpacking the baggage: Power and privilege on Planet Bob


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Ask yourself this: Is there one alliance affiliation which enjoys the benefits of global influence and prosperity beyond others? Now ask yourself: How did this come to be? Did they reach this lofty position through honest sweat and toil, or did they reach this privileged position atop a mountain of the dead? Throughout the history of Planet Bob, violence has always been a means of seizing power at the expense of the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised. But while many alliances have been content to war only for survival, one has conspicuously used war as a means of subjugation. Whether it was for hearsay or for falsified charges or simply for having the misfortune of holding something they coveted, this alliance has consistently sought to consolidate power for its own sake. It is a fact known beyond dispute on Planet Bob that this power has been universally abused at the hands of the Order to every conceivable extent it could manage. What, then, is Pacifican Privilege?
Pacifican Privilege is being able to exile citizens from Bob permanently and visit genocide upon any people group who violates that exile.

Pacifican Privilege is not having to worry about having your culture and way of life stripped away at the whim of a bigoted and power hungry foreign official.

Pacifican Privilege is not having to worry that your nationality will be "revoked" over the neurotic fears of a group of jackbooted warmongers.
We live in a world where the entire population can rise up and denounce the tyranny of the New Pacific Order only for them to turn around and smugly try to play the victim, crying crocodile tears into the ocean of blood at their feet. Blood of citizens of Planet Bob spilled only due to their misfortune of not being Pacifican.


It is time the New Pacific Order recognized and acknowledged their institutionally racist position of power and privilege within Planet Bob, educated their members on the crimes committed in the name of Pacifican "patriotism" - itself a thinly veiled moniker of Pacifican supremacism - and sought to further equality for all citizens of Planet Bob regardless of their alliance affiliation.

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I'm proud to internalize institutional Pacifican racism.

Fixed that for you.


You're getting this all wrong. It's about ethics in cyber warfare.


#PacificanRights #AntiNPOisaCodewordForAntiRed

If it's all about ethics in cyber warfare why has the NPO historically been the alliance engaging in the overwhelming majority of cases of PZI, EZI, institution of viceroyalties, and other heinous hate crimes?

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Because no alliance can change over a decade and with substantial amounts of new members...

OOC. Someone clearly has been following Greece's playbook.

New members who are, naturally, indoctrinated against the wrongdoing of their forebears. There is evidence even in this thread of Pacifican apologists trying to suppress the truth about Pacifican bigotry and oppression.

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