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War of the Athenian Succession


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The times where Athens was a single united entity seemed so long gone now, a memory from a very distant past where everyone could walk freely on the streets without fear of a missile striking them or another disease spreading throughout the region. Following the assassination of General Spiros the divide between the military and the civilian government grew. With the Megale Autokrateira now considered an enemy by the military as well the path to civil war seemed certain. While peace could be maintained for several months more one morning in December, which would otherwise be remembered for being one of the few times that it snowed in Athens, the military began its moves. After having spent the preceding months to place key individuals at various positions throughout the capital as well as other areas considered of key importance a single sniper would be the cause of the undoing of the Athenian empire. Acting under orders of an unidentified Colonel but with identifying marks that would put the blame on Hezbollah the sniper would take a shot at the Megale Autokrateira. The assassination was immediately used as a pretext for the Hellenic Army command structure to declare martial law and target every opposition members as well as Parliament with the extensive Vigilus network that had been intended as a system to protect the population from terrorism but now served as the prime method of terror.
Years have since gone by, the once proud Athenian Federation was split into thirteen separate parts, not even counting those parts of the Federation that had declared themselves neutral. Four of these(the Military Republic, the Franco-Iberian Union, The Islamic State and the Maghreb Caliphate) claiming the right to all of the Federation. The only agreement possible? An accord to form a unified front against all foreign forces that might seek to intervene. If war wasn’t enough the diseases as a result of biological warfare employed by factions as well as the complete collapse of organized health care.
Despite all of this however there was still hope, a single individual with the potential of reunifying the lands by both peaceful means and conquest.
“Okay boys, Intelligence is clear. Junta forces have started their approach already and the security detail has been in the dark since before the civil war, we are to expect heavy resistance and must secure the package alive and well at all costs. The Dutch government has not cleared this op and we may encounter third party forces in the field. Make me proud. For the Federation!” Aris ordered.
“For the Federation!” The Razors responded in unison as the Erebos continued approaching the city. The war had been going on for years now and there seemed to be no end in sight. If Aris’ team wasn’t succeful here today the Athenian Federation might well be lost forever. In many ways he was considered resistance, labelled a traitor by his former commanders who had themselves usurped theirs however all of that might just be about to change. As soon as the helicopter had reached the ground the command to leave was issued, in a distance a firefight could be heard.
The building they were heading for was only a few hundred meters away. A house near the University of Leiden, while the distance was short there were plenty of things that could go wrong. Meeting the Junta forces or even police. While they were authorized to use lethal force against local and national authorities it could very well lead to conflict between the Franco-Iberian Union and the Kingdom.
“Raven 1 to Razor 1A, we’re seeing hostiles approaching package location. Junta by the looks of it. Ten hostiles, no indication of local parties” Aris heard over the radio as they continued their approach. Ten versus eight, it was definitely doable.
“Understood Raven 1, we are on final approach. Starting radio silence” Aris responded as he signalled the others to assume positions around the house. Before they could even breach they were already receiving fire from inside but it didn’t take long to establish there were only two people shooting at them.
“Do not return fire” He ordered in the direction of his men while making sure he remembered the right phrase. “The Phoenix has fallen”
After a few seconds the gunfire from the house stopped. “A new one will rise in its place”. It was the confirmation they needed, they were the team originally sent with their target to guarantee safety. With confirmation in that the Junta teams had not reached the house yet three Razors would make their way inside while the remaining five established the perimeter to deal with any unwanted guests. Once inside Aris immediately recognized Orpheus. He had aged quite a bit since the photo on the file was taken but it was clear it still was him.
“Colonel” Aris said with respect. “We have come on orders of Chief Magistrate Underwood to bring her back to Paris. A junta team is on its way here as we speak” He continued while lowering the rifle in his hands.
“Who is there?” A female voice asked from the shadows, the three men all somehow recalled the voice but couldn’t exactly place it. Only after she walked into the light could they see. In less than a second they all kneeled. “Your Highness” They spoke in unison as the young woman approached them.
“Princess, I told you to stay hidden until I could confirm everything was okay” Orpheus said, trying to get in between Alethea and the Razors.
“If these men wanted to hurt me they would have by now, please stand. What are your names?”
Aris could now confirm the stories they had been telling about the Princess were true, she was hell for security details. He would be the first to stand, the other two soon followed.
“Your Highness I’m Major Aris Livas, these men are Sergeant Pascal Perrot and Corporal Avi Vang. We have been sent by the Chief Magistrate after receiving intelligence that the Junta has found your location and ordered a kill squad to this location.” Aris said, making sure to still bow a bit out of respect. The princess seemed clearly shocked but not entirely surprised. “You fight for the Franco-Iberian Union?” She asked to which Aris could only respond with a nod. “Your Highness I must insist that we leave as soon as possible, we have transport ready to take you back to Versailles where we can further guarantee”
Before he could continue the sound of gunfire could be heard outside and the radio would soon follow. “Major, we have Junta forces incoming. Holding ground but facing significant force”
“Colonel, Lieutenant, you should take the Princess and get out. Sergeant Perrot knows where the evac site is. We will hold them back” Aris said while signalling Vang to make his way out to join the fight which he soon would do as well. Before either the Princess or her two assigned guards could respond Aris had joined the fight. At a distance he could already hear police sirens. Two of his men had been killed so far but by the looks of it they had taken down  at least twice as many of the Junta. Just as he was about to fire at a Junta Lieutenant a sharp pain pierced his neck and blood soon started to flow.
“Package secured, en route back home.” He could hear before all turned dark.
Now the next stage of the war could finally begin.

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Indian Ocean Command was caught off guard with the collapse of the Athenian Federation, a sign of how intelligence since Tianxia's isolation had suffered.  Requests had been immediately placed to Nanjing to begin shifting assets to the Indian Ocean in order to both identify the cause of unrest in the area, and prepare the necessary responses to safe guard Tianxia economic, geopolitical, and political interests in the rapidly changing MENA landscape.

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