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A New Age for the Pacific

Evangeline Anovilis

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It had been already a good bit of time since the commencement of offensive operations against the American Commonwealth and despite the original scepticism by parts of the Japanese elite and within the armed forces, the overwhelming successes of the early actions caused Prime Minister Akiyama Kagami to be rather confident in the Japanese position. Encouraged by the firm successes of the Japanese forces and the refusal of the Commonwealth to respond up to now, Akiyama for the first time approached the media to deliver a speech on the situation.


In front of cameras and microphones of the NHK, Japan's public broadcasting agency, the Prime Minister appeared with a confident smile and rather calm, given her nation was involved in an ongoing war that had only just passed through its opening stages.


"Konbanwa to all out there watching this. I am adressing you this evening, as our valiant forces have been engaged with Commonwealth forces for a considerable time now. This action, which has up to now managed to secure most of Alaska has been launched not in a desire to establish overseas colonial territories for our nation, but it still is a fight we feel necessary to continue. The Japanese Empire has long enough watched idly as the American Commonwealth expanded its influence over North America, crushing the freedom and sovereignity of people and nations it encountered and causing harm, stagnation and security complications in the Western Hemisphere and by extension to the Pacific community.


In order to reassert for ourselves our security and rightful place among the nations and for the oppressed people of the Americas to regain their deserved freedoms and rights, the Nihongun is fighting with all its might to break down the monolith that weighs down North America and we will march on Washington if such be necessary. The American Commonwealth has proven incompetent both as regional hegemon and as a peaceful neighbour of our great Empire and I thus see it as the duty of ours towards ourselves and towards humanity to contain the creeping death of the Americas.


While I have the full confidence in the Nihongun to be able to defeat the American Commonwealth, Japan is willing to cooperate with all those who share our objective of a more vibrant and secure American community of nations that can freely develop their culture and political systems without interference by an obstructive and even destructive overlord.


As said before, I do want to reassure the nations of this world that this war is not waged to replace Commonwealth tyranny with Japanese one. What we do, we do to liberate, not enslave and we welcome all those seeking for independence of American states, as they shall have our cooperation in their efforts."


Once Akiyama had ended her speech, she left, refusing to respond to any questions of the news at this moment. She had said what she felt necessary to be said. The sole thing that followed the next day was the establishment of the Foreign Recruitment Bureau, tasked with recruiting any volunteers for the war effort that were not of Japanese origin.

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While the American collapse and surrender caused surprise and euphoria within the Japanese Empire, Prime Minister Akiyama was busy politically preparing a structure for the new enormous protectorate. An Agency for American Affairs would be established, to organise North America and facilitate and orderly transition to smaller states. Naturally, such would be advertised, as japanese troops patrolled the streets of American cities. Apart from that however, the Prime Minister kept her plans for North America to herself, it seemed.


OOC: Whoever wants to create a new state in North America, ask here and be given land. Protectorate to prevent a new Commonwealth.

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