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Recruiting today for your tomorrow 

Start up AID is 52 Million to Maximize your groth


We are now accepting applications for new or experienced nations looking for a new or fresh start. 



Do your part today and join the newly re-founded World Freedom Federation.




When you join the WFF, you get a unique experience with experienced leaders. Plus with many open positions you can take part in day to day government activities as well. We offer the same as any other alliance, such as protection, aid and trade circles but here you can actually make a difference, change the world and get active.


Our fourms: cn-wff.net

Our CN page cn.cn-wff.net



Any questions please ask :)

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yeah! "freedom"

What's that supposed to mean? Is that sarcasm? Perhaps you haven't read our charter...

Our charter provides an optimal amount of freedom. The more active you are, the more opportunities are available and therefore, you can do even more.

Every Citizen of the WFF has a voice as well, which cannot be said for a lot of alliances.


Want to know more? http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/World_Freedom_Federation

Or perhaps, you want to Join Today? http://cn-wff.forumotion.com/register

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