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The Beginnings of an Empire


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"Sir, I highly recommend not going to this conference." President Marco looked at himself in the Mirror, fixing the color of his suit. "We don't back down from terrorists. You should know that, being leader of the Black Wasps." The other man, Alex, sighed. "We have amazing hologram technology, its like you'd actually be there." Marco turned to Alex and smiled. "Call me old fashioned, then." With that Marco exited the room.

(Serveral Hours Later)
"See Alex, there's nothing to be worried about." They were in a large room, a large crystal chandelier above their heads and a big round table in the center. At every entrance stood guards, infact the entire mansion was locked down after recent intelligence suggesting a plot was in the works to assassinate the President. Marco and Alex took their seats at the table, as did several other of Marcos closest advisors and military commanders. Suddenly the room dimmed as a holographic image of Earth appeared above the table. It suddenly zoomed in on the Caribbean, showing every single UCS military position aswell as the positions and movements of every aircraft and ship being tracked by the UCS.

"War is in full swing to our North, and although we don't expect it to involve us we have positioned much of our navy to Northern Cuba to monitor the situation. I believe now would be a good time to begin annexations into Central America, starting with Panama and Nicaragua." Marco looked around the room at his closest men. "No." There was silence. Finally a General spoke "Sir, with all due respect, The Marco Doctrine was always intended to lead into our Expansion into Central America. Now we have the soldiers necessary to back such an Expansion." Marco snapped at the General "We are not yet ready to expand. I know this decision has angered many, but this decision is final."

Suddenly there was a bright flash, then the building rocked as the meeting room was engulfed in flames.

(Incase anyone was confused, This attack is not public knowledge yet.)

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The shockwave knocked Alex out of his chair. He rolled under the table as he gasped, the wind knocked out of him. The screams of pain were lost to Alex as he saw Marco lying on the ground, in a pool of blood. He struggled to get up, but his left side was severly burned. He crawled as quickly as he could to Marcos body, and saw a large piece of metal was sticking out of his chest. "Sir" he croaked as he reached the body of his long time friend. "Your going to be alright." He took Marcos hand, urging him to stay alive even though he knew it was useless. "Take care of my country." And with that, President Marco was dead.

Alex stood before a podium several hours later, the advanced nanotechnology of the UCS had already repaired much of the damage from the earlier attack. Still he would be very noticeably injured.
"I come to you today to inform the people's of the UCS of a horrible tragedy. Our beloved President, who has lead our great Nation into an era of peace and prosperity that has last decades, has been assassinated. Little information is currently known about these terrorists, but rest assured I will not stop until they are brought to Justice. We will not let the death of President Marco be in vain, his name will live on for generations to come as the man who unified the Caribbean, and as the man who started the UCS on its path to greatness. His will lives on inside us all, and will continue to push us forward for years to come."

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"President Marco will be missed by the Imperium, and we stand ready to provide any assistance you may require."
-Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Hoshiko, Sovereign of Japan, Joseon, and Aisu-shō, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia FlowersGrand Cordon of the Order of the Precious CrownGrand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure

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"We thank you all for your words of support in these troubling times."
-Roberto Garcia, Vice President

"Christ, I said give me time to talk to Marco. I didn't think you'd kill him." Garcia was in his office talking quietly into his phone. "Yes I know what you have riding on this, but you've incurred the wrath of the Nation. I can't just let this tragedy slip, when I take the Presidency." Suddenly his face went white "What do you mean?" The other side hung up, and he dropped his phone. "Guards!" Two guards rushed into the room, they were on high alert after the recent attack. "We are going to see Alex." Garcia grabbed his coat and went to leave the room when there was a gunshot behind him. Garcia hit the floor as one of the guards shot him again. The second guard quickly grabbed the assassin, knocking the gun from his hand and knocking him to the ground. More guards rushed into the room, but the damage was done. Garcia was dead. And now there was no-one left to take the presidency.

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