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Help me with resources?

Logan Finn

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I am on a mission to gain these resources:















How would I go about getting each of these?

Which resources of these would be best for me to start with?

Who can help me on this quest?

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Are the merger talks between our alliances almost to a conclusion?


When you'll join my AA, I'll set up the trade circles. No need to worry about that.

Most people agree, but I am getting a lot of resistance from one person. We can override him, but he is being a bit difficult... I expect this to take a while.


But anyway, do you have any help for me to get these resources?

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First, I need active members who can change their resources, and as you can see, most of my members aren't active. That's why the merger would be very great. Then I'll need to know everybody's ruler names and I'll make the trade circles then it'll be done. We're actually working on getting that same circle in our alliance but, the members are inactive.


After the merger, I guarantee you everything will be set (the circles, and I'll get tech deals going). All I ask if for you guys to be on Black Team.

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You can go about getting these resources through trade agreements with other nations.  You can contact nations who already have those resources and open trade slots, you can contact nations who are willing to change to those resources and enter into trade agreements (as it appears TPK is attempting to do above), or you can find existing trade circles with those resources who are looking for new members.

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