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Coded Dispatch; User *REDACTED*

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Date: Feb 7 2014

Time: 18:00 BST


Security Log, Nove Mesto Business Facility - Prague, Czech Republic


*REDACTED*: M doesn't really mind you making some money on the side, Salajol, she'd just prefer it if it wasn't selling secrets.


Salajol: If the theatrics are supposed to scare me, you have the wrong man, *REDACTED*. If M was so sure I was bent, she would've sent a 00. Benefits of being section chief, I'd know if anyone had been promoted to 00 status, wouldn't I? Your file shows no kills, and it takes...




Salajol: Shame. We barely got to know one another.


An audible click is heard - a dry fire of a pistol.


*REDACTED*: I know where you keep your gun... suppose that's something.


 Salajol: True...how did he die?


*REDACTED* Your contact? Not well.


Salajol: Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry. The second is -


 Gunshot, from a silenced PP7. Audible noise of body falling over.


*REDACTED*: Yes...considerably.


*End of log.*






Chimaera, M

salsabeast1, M

Kerschbs, 001 (FA)

Gibsonator21, 002 (War)

Roy Mustang, 003 (IA)

Gopherbashi, 004 (Econ)

Devilyn Caster, 005 (FA)






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