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Viking Swords +ULFBERH+T


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Viking Swords


Common Sense. Organization. War Chest. Patience. +ULFBERH+T.

vikingsword of icelands
Aaronty of Hunters
JohnWoods of Armed Forces
Jacen Solo of New Coruscant

Our words are how we describe ourselves. If these words describe you, join us.
You must know the game (know our words) or learn quickly (know our words).
Viking Swords perform all Cyber Nations related functions in game or on this forum.
Embassies are simple Cyber Nations forum conversations.
To start a conversation, make the subject: **Alliance** - Viking Swords and proceed with the conversation.
Invite your representatives and send invites to vikingsword, Aaronty, JohnWoods, and Jacen Solo.

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Here's hoping Stonewall let's us be the top topic for at least 10 minutes...

A little love for our Viking friends in Doomreich... :ehm: One more member and it's flag time...PM sent... :awesome:

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Are Viking Swords members newbies or experienced players?
Either way, I consider you allies, as you're protected by Doomreich.
My alliance exists since 2007 and even was ranked #1 in 2008 before it disbanded in 2009 because of the Unjust War. (Not sure if the years are exact though).
Some people in my alliance are veterans who have played for years, like me, and other are newbies. I see we're both kinda lower tier. Maybe we could sign an MnDP or an MnDoAP?

Also, my alliance used to be known as the legendary Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving, ask around about it.

I know you do not have time. You are too busy using 2000+ clicks in game :P

lol XD

EDIT: 69th post, $%&@ yeah


EDIT 2: The alliance disbanded on June 11th 2008

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