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Reunification of China (The New Dragon Empire)


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While the standoff between Druk Yul and Northland forces over the islands of Sri-Lanka continued Empress Mei of Druk Yul called for a meeting with her son Emperor Jesse of Shanghai. The nations of Druk Yul and Shanghai always had a close peaceful relationship with each other but now Mei believed it was time to take the next big step and reunite once more. If China was to survive the coming storm than it needed to be whole instead of split and now Mei was in the position to help make it whole again but she knew it would not be easy. "The time has come Jesse. We have a chance to reunite China once more and we need to do it before it is too late. Seperate we may be strong but together along with our allies in the East Asian Imperium we will be powerful enough to keep Asia safe from all foreign invaders."


"Yes you speak of them as our allies but you seem to forget that war we had with them over a decade ago when they took Macau from us!"


"Jesse that was Henry's fault and you know it."


"Yes he was behind the start of that one but they still wanted that land and would have tried to take it either way. Even now their troops move into Vietnam, Laos, and many other places down in Southeast Asia but it seems you dont even care about it."


"So far they have done nothing which the people of those regions didn't want. They have shown no ill will towards us or the people of Southeast Asia and therefore there is no reason to intervene. And if you are mad about maybe not being Emperor anymore you can still be the Commander of the Military if you want to."


"The EAI may have your trust but it will take a while before they earn mine again. As for reuniting China that is only going to work if it is what the people really want as well."


"So then we shall put it up to a vote. If the strong majority want a reunited China than that is what we will do."


"And if they dont?"


"Than we can still remain seperate allies like our nations have been for the past few decades."

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Once the polls were closed and the votes counted the results were 65% in favor of Druk Yul and Shanghai merging into one nation as the New Dragon Empire while 35% of the voters were against it. Although many were opposed to it Democracy was still the deciding factor in the end and it was clear that most of the population of both nations wanted this reunification to happen. "Although we may not have been democratically elected ourselves Jesse, democracy itself is still important to us and our people. By using it here today we have confirmed that a reunification of China is what most of the people want."


"The keyword that we should be worrying about there is MOST."


"Are you truely against us reuniting China like this?"


"No I am not mother but I am still worried about that other 35%. We still have not captured "The Mandarin" yet and I fear he may try to recruit more followers from those that were against it. He has already tried revealing to the world the truth about us being dragons and even though the rest of the world leaders probably won't believe him it still shows just how far he is willing to go. He is the last obsticle we must face in order to finally end this Dragon Civil War once and for all and the only way end it is to find and kill him along with all those supporting him. When he attacked the Druk Yul Capital City and our military bases the world thought we were weak and that we had collapsed. Now we will show the world that we are not weak and that we are in fact stronger than ever!"  

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Maelstrom would walk out of the shadows, "Well done." He smiled. "And now you know why I stepped out of the way."  He paused for a moment, then asked, "If you don't mind.. your Father-in-Law would like to live on the palace grounds, Mei? I grew weary of governing, but I am loathe to completely leave this world.. and who knows. Perhaps one day you will have need of me again." He tilted his head.

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"I see no reason why that should be a problem." Mei would say to him.


Jesse on the other hand was just staring at him with a slight hint of anger in his eyes. He was not mad about the way the reunification of China was going but he didn't like people working behind his back like that. "Although this reunification will probably work the Dragon War is not yet over. The Mandarin dragon will strike again and we need to be ready for when he does. We will need all the allies we can get if we are going to find him before it is too late."


"Agreed. However for now it is a time to celebrate. Even now the people gather in front of the palace for the announcement of the merge where we shall announce the creation of the New Dragon Empire to the rest of the world!


"Well then lets not keep them waiting."


(OOC: Dont really feel like or have time to write a big speech right now for this so I'm just going to give a brief summary)


Mei would be the first on the podium in front of the palace and she would be the one to announce the merging of Druk Yul and Shanghai into the "New Dragon Empire". She and Jesse would then pretty much take turns explaining what their plans were moving forward and would explain that while they were now one nation each region would still have their own democratically elected local governments as well democratically elected representatives in the New Dragon Empire High Council which would act as the legeslative branch of the "NDE" while the local governments handled most of the judicial stuff except in extreme cases. Jesse would be named the Supreme Commander of the NDE military and would assure the population that they would remain secure and protected from any and all foreign invaders and they both would promise to work together to find a peaceful solution to the current standoff between NDE and Northland forces on the island of Sri-Lanka. The crowd would then give a loud and long cheer.


Meanwhile at an unknown location "The Mandarin" was watching the news with an evil smile on his face. "Everything is going according to plan. Soon we shall launch our final offensive and one way or another this war will reach its final inevitable end!" 

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Maelstrom tilted his head, "Why that look Jesse? Didn't want a reunified Asia? You are effectively my heir. Most people would be grateful.. and flattered." He smiled, letting his fangs show from his upper muzzle. "You now sit atop power you could have never imagined and can control it without asking me permission to do everything and in exchange me..." He laid down on a sofa. "I get to retire.. I've been at this far to long."


He looked over to Mei, "What's Sterling been up to?"

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OOC: Sorry been a while since my last post. Been busy RL but ready to be more active on here again.

Maelstrom seemed to misunderstood him. Jesse probably wanted the reunification more than anyone but he thought it would be the other way around where it was Shanghai as the main one starting the reunification instead of Druk Yul. However Mei was still his mother and he knew that his father Emperor Brian would have been proud of what they have accomplished. However Jesse knew the war was not over yet. 

He would sit on the couch next to Maelstrom and explain the truth.
"If anything Maelstrom I wanted this more than anyone else but this is not quite how I pictured it. However the way I did picture it doesn't matter anymore. What does matter is that the "Mandarin Dragon" is still alive and the only way to end this war once and for all is to take him out along with all of his followers. The problem is we have no idea where they are and I fear we may not find them until it is too late. The Final Battle of this Dragon Civil War is about to begin and one way or another this will be the end of it. If we are going to win we will need all the allies we can get and hope we are all strong enough to defeat them."

Promo for what is planned next:

The Final Battle is about to begin.

Jesse: "This is what we have been trained for."

The Fate of Asia is at stake!

The Mandarin: "Soon they will learn that every move, that every battle was meant to bring us to this!"

Every side will need all the allies they can get if they hope to win.

Jesse: "While we gather our allies the "Mandarin" will be gathering his. One way or another this will be the battle to end the war."

And even more secrets will be revealed.

Adria: "This is what all those "prophecies" have been talking about. I am the one who can bring peace between the dragons and the humans!"

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While Mei became the political and diplomatic leader for the New Dragon Empire Jesse was named the official Commander in Chief of the military. While the Commander in Chief and Head of the Government in other nations was the same person it still worked seperately here since Mei was still Jesse's mother. Soon the lines between what it meant to be a Druk Yul or Shanghai citizen would dissapear as the people now saw themselves as citizens of the New Dragon Empire. While the name may have seemed a little wierd to foreigners it made sense to the government and anyone else who knew the truth about Mei and Jesse. China had always been well known for its many Dragon Legends so in a way it should still make sense to the other nations as well.


As Mei dealt with the situation over the islands near India Jesse would perpare for the final battle against the "Mandarin". Although it had been a while since his last attack Jesse knew it was not over yet and that he would strike again and je knew they needed to be ready. All military bases across the NDE would be put on high alert as the soldiers were prepared to deal with any attacks that may take place. Meanwhile there would be test drills in the major cities to make sure the citizens knew what they needed to do to stay safe if any of the cities were attacked. Lee would let Jesse know that they were about as ready as they could get. "We are now much more perpared than we were against Henry's forces in the past. If the Mandarin attacks again we will be ready to face him."


"Good job Lee but if we are to suceed we need to make sure our allies are ready as well. Before his last attack he targeted Tokyo and his forces managed to take out their electrical grid for a while before he ended up doing the same thing here and in Shanghai. We need to make sure the EAI is ready in case the "Mandarin" decides to attack them again as well."


"How do you suggest we do that?"


"Contact their leader and tell them that we have gone on high alert because of a big terrorist threat and suggest they do the same as well just in case."


"Will do."

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Maelstrom informed Jesse to just ask if he needed help. In the meantime the old dragon had taken up helping the palace staff keep the place neat and was also spending time in the gardens taking care of the plants. Koudoa was quite happy that he wasn't so busy all the time and for once both were at peace. He kept his nose out of political matters for the most part, only stepping in to lecture some government official if he thought the person was about to screw something up in a serious manner. Koudoa would then chide him and remind him he said he'd stay out of the new government's way.


He'd eat dinner each night with Koudoa, Mei, Sterling, and Jake if they were about and then retire to some deep, dark cavern he'd excavated beneath the palace as his personal space and curl up to nap.

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Jesse would be a little surprised that Adria was not at the dinner table with them. Their were other reasons he was not eating with them but he was still surprised that Adria was not there with them. He would later find her at the top of the mountain where Maelstrom had trained her. She was sitting down looking out over the lights of the city when Jesse landed right next to her in his dragon form. She simply sighed as she heard him land. "I knew you would find me eventually."


"To be honest you are not that hard to find if people know where to look. This was where Maelstrom trained you to use your unique powers to help us all. What I am wondering right now though is why you are up here instead of eating dinner with the rest of our family?"


"I feel too different. Ever since the Mandarin let me go after he captured me I felt very different and it wasn't until Jake and Lee found me and brought me to the Beijing Hospital that we found out what he did to me."


"Jake told me what happened. Yes you now have a lot of cybernetic implants like the ones many in the East Asian Imperium are using but you seem to be thinking it is a bad thing when many see it as a good thing."


"A good thing?! I did not want these to be implanted within me so how is it really that good?!"


"Well you have already proven you are now much stronger than you were before and much faster as well. With your endurance you can now fly much longer distances without getting nearly as tired and you can do it much faster than me, Uncle Lee, or our Mother. If normal dragons are considered super soldiers to the humans than what you are now is a fricken Immortal. Someone who is pretty much unkillable that can do almost anything with no worries whatsoever. It is something that many of us can only dream of that you now have the chance of experiencing."


"Hey if you want the implants as well I am sure you can get some specifically made for you from the EAI so there is nothing stopping you."


"Did it make you feel any better though?"


"OK I admit what you said did sound a bit awsome. When I was younger I was shut away from the world in hopes of keeping me safe but now it is clear that I was meant to protect the world instead of you guys protecting me from it."


"Our enemies will only continue to become stronger and it is our job to protect the world from them. The humans may think we are monsters that the world doesn't need but many of them fail to see is that there are enemies only we can defeat.  The world needs us and soon I fear they will learn why."

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A voice would come out of the void behind them, "Would the two of you like to know why I surrendered my throne here so easily? The world does need you here, for I'm afraid, I've given up on this one. But there's a reason for that.One I would most happily share with the both of you. This world is yours now, because in my frustration, I have abandoned it to you. I think you both will do better with it than I ever could. Mostly because there is something about me that doesn't mesh well with the dreams here."

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"The fact that you are not really from this world could be the reason for that." Jesse would say to him. "Mei, Lee, Jake , and I are from this world while you are not so that could be why you are having a harder time here than we are. Our race had an empire here long ago, in fact Shangri-La was built upon where the Capital of that Empire once stood so it is only appropriate we still use it as the Capital for the NDE as well."


Meanwhile in the Ancient Dragon City


The Mandarin and his army were preparing for their final strike upon the dragons who lived on the surface with the humans. His second in command would ask him why they have not been detected yet and he would explain why. "There are advanced barriers around this ancient city which protected it from attacks long ago and it is those same barriers within the rocks of the cavern which mask our presence from those on the surface including Maelstrom. Where Henry failed we will succeed. The Dark Dragons will finally destroy the Light Dragons and no one will be able to stop us!"

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"Actually Jesse, I come from many worlds. " He sighed. He opened his palm and quietly made a circle in the air before him with it and a portal opened to another dimension. "This is our world, but in a different dimension altogether." Before Jesse stood a majestic city with technology beyond the comprehension of most who would reside upon this version of the Earth. It was colored mostly in blues and blacks. From its fortress like spires flew a flag that looked like a dragon holding a star close to its chest. "That is the real Dragonisia. The ones the Gods do not wish to be here." In its harbors sat a mighty navy of ships bristling with plasma weapons and rail guns and aircraft taking off and landing on a carrier ship that looked like flying saucers. In the distance on a mountain, sat a dragon so large its shadow cast itself down over the harbor and the sea blotting out the evening sun and bringing night early to the realm, its eyes glowing green like his own, watching over the beautiful city built up on blasted landscape that had been its birthplace.


"And that is the harbor of eternal flame, once nuked so hard it glowed for several weeks after a war had ended. My attention is there. Why would it be here where the gods arbitrarily limit how strong I might be in pursuit of some perverted sense of balance?"

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"Because the fight here is not over yet." Jesse would reply. "You have already defeated your enemies there yet here our enemies still live. What you are suggesting is abandoning the fight before it is finished. Whether there is an "arbitrarily limit" on you or not doesn't matter because either way abandoning the fight only makes you look like a coward in the end and I really hate cowards. You can use all the excuses you want but in the end it changes nothing, I will not cower away from the fight and neither should you."


Promo for the Final Battle:


Eventually the Mandarin and his army will strike.


Lee: "They came from beneath the city. Coming out of manholes, sewer tunnels, everything that lead to the ancient city underneath us."


The Final Battle to decide the fate of the Dragon race and the rest of China will begin.


Jesse: "We knew this attack was coming. Now is the time for us to fight."


Will Jesse and the others be able to stop the Mandarin?


Mandarin: "I am too powerful for you to stop me Jesse. Now I will kill you all!"


Or will it be too late?


Jesse: "One way or another it ends here!"



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The Final Battle Part 1:


From the Journal of General Sterling. Son of Maelstrom, Husband of Empress Mei, and Commander of the Shangri-La Defense Forces.


We knew their attack was eventually coming but none of us could have foreseen the slaughter we were about to face. The black earth dragon who called himself "The Mandarin" attacked with his army from underneath our very feet. He and his dark dragon army came and attacked us from from beneath the city. Coming out of manholes, sewer tunnels, everything that lead to the ancient dragon city underneath us. Within the first few hours they captured many of the major government buildings. Reinforcements from Beijing and Shanghai led by General's Jordan and Chang were on their way but with how far they had to travel it would be many more hours until they got here. The city garrison was falling back to defensive positions around the palace and the main area of Downtown Shangri-La. Those were the areas we had to make our stand and if we fell than Asia wouldn't be far behind.


Me, Jesse, and Lee made our HQ at the Palace while our forces fought bravely to defend what parts of the city we still held. Although we thought about bringing in other forces from across the nation we knew there were still others who would try to take territory from us if they ever found out what was really going on. Besides the reinforcements from Shanghai and Beijing the rest would be told to remain where they were while fought here. "Yes the battle is in the enemy's favor at the moment but when the reinforcements from Shanghai and Beijing arrive we should be able to push them back and kill them all. Remain at your posts and be strong. We have faced worse and survived and this will be no different."


While Sterling sent that message to the other NDE soldiers Jesse and Lee would be helping with coordinating the defense of the city. "A lot of our forces are being pushed back into the main downtown areas. Those skyscrapers will make it easier for our forces to defend their positions for now and while the enemy may be controlling the ground we still control the skies."


"Exactly, which is why we are still in this. The airship fleet has been providing support to areas that need their help the most but these dragons continue to come up from underground using any way they can. The only way we will be able to stop them is to cut them off at the source."


"I agree Lee which is why I have a plan for that." Images of the Ancient City would begin appearing on the screens surrounding them. "The plan is to arm and detonate a nuke at the center of the ancient city. The blast will kill any dragons still down there including any enemy commanders down there as well."


"Look Jesse I know you plan on killing the Mandarin with this thing but how do you know he will go after it?"


"Because I am going to be the one that arms and detonates it."


"That is crazy Jesse! You know I can't let you be the one that dies in this!"


"Yea but I also know you won't stop me either. This is the only way I can guarantee he will be there when that nuke goes off. This is between me and him and I will see it through to the end."



As night fell upon the besieged city Mei was on the palace balcony watching the burning city as their forces fought bravely to defend it. Jesse would eventually step out onto the balcony to talk with her one last time before his mission into the ancient city. She heard him approach behind her and didn't even turn around. "I know why you are here Jesse and I also know there is nothing I can say that will stop you from doing this."


"It is the only way I can kill the Mandarin and the majority of his army that are not already on the surface. When he figures out what we are planning he will send everything he can to stop us and may even show up himself which is what I am counting on."


"That is what I am afraid of Jesse. Its suicide and even if you are successful in setting off that nuke everyone still down there when it goes off will be incinerated including the one who has to stay down there protecting it until detonation. That is why you cant be the one that does it We need you here Jesse, your sister needs you here, your mother needs you here!"


"Family always needs me but I can't let that get in the way of what I must do. This is the only way to end this war once and for all. When I first encountered him the Mandarin was a human terrorist who I stopped from setting off a nuke in Shanghai but Henry found his body and somehow brought him back as a dragon. I don't know how but I know that if we cant kill him with bullets than the only other way will be to incinerate him."


Mei would then finally turn around and hug him. "Just please promise me you will try to make it back alive."


"Please don't make me make any promises I can't keep."




Promo for Part 2:


Jesse has a plan to end the war but first he must get down into the ancient city.


Lee: "So how do you plan on getting down there?"


Jesse: "Maelstrom's private bunker. It is connected to a cavern leading to the ancient city but the Mandarin's forces are leaving that area alone for some reason."


What will Jesse find down there?


Soldier: "What is this place?"


Jesse: "The remains of a long lost ancient empire."


And will he be able to complete the mission before it is too late.


Sterling: "The Mandarin's forces have reached the palace steps. This is our last stand!"


Find out in Part 2 of the Final Battle 

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"You know, Jesse.. you don't need to kill yourself by detonating the nuke." Maelstrom tilted his head. "I've nuked myself before on this world. In fact, I was literally sitting on top of one at the South Pole when I was attempting to rip a hole in this world's space time into another dimension." He chortled.


"Totally wrecked that body, but they are a dime a dozen." He yawned and stretched, watching he and his son make preparations.

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“Don’t worry about me Mael. There is a plan in place to help get me out of there alive and it should succeed as long as the prophecy holds true.”


Jesse would then head over to the war room where Lee and Sterling were waiting for him. Jesse would then go into a nearby room and bring out a silver suitcase. “OK guys inside of this suitcase is a portable nuke. Not as strong as the ones which are put on missiles but strong enough to level the Mandarin’s entire base beneath us as well as hopefully killing him in the process. The plan is for me and a small volunteer team to enter the cavern from Maelstrom’s private bunker and fight our way to the center of the city. The nuke will then be armed and detonated incinerating anything still down there when it goes off.”


“That’s the part of the plan we don’t like Jesse.” Sterling would say to him. “How do you plan on getting out of there without getting incinerated yourself?”


“Leave that to me Sterling. Just know that a plan is in place and as long as you guys can hold out up here long enough for me to do what I need to do down there than all will go according to plan and this will be the mission that ends the war once and for all.”


4 soldiers from Shanghai would volunteer to go with Jesse on this mission knowing they would probably not make it back alive. Their designation would be Dragon Squad and their sergeant Ling (Dragon 2) knew what needed to be done.“Our one job is to protect you.” He would say. “As long as that nuke goes off than our mission will be complete and we shall die with honor.”


“What about your families?” Jesse (Dragon 1) would ask him.


“None of us really have a family anymore besides each other and we all have our reasons for wanting the Mandarin dead. Jong's (Dragon 3) parents died when he was very young and was an orphan for most of his life. He is usually the sniper and is more of the strong silent type. The twins Yin and Yang (Dragons 4 and 5) had a wealthy father who lived in Shanghai as the CEO of an arms manufacturing company but was killed during the Mandarin's attack on Shanghai less than a year ago so they have a good reason for wanting him dead more than others do. Yin is a technical expert and she knows how to arm that nuke if you cant do it yourself. Yang on the other hand is an explosives and heavy weapons specialist and just loves causing havoc in general. As for me my parents were average middle class citizens here in Shangri-La but were also killed when the attack began. We all have our reason for wanting to help you on this suicide mission and to us dying in battle while protecting the people of the New Dragon Empire is considered one of the greatest honors we could ever have.”


“OK.” Jesse said as he loaded his AK. “Then let’s go and finish this!” Jesse would then turn to Maelstrom. “Mael it is time for you to take us to the entrance of the cavern leading to the ancient city.”

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"Very well. Follow me." They went into the depths of Shangri-La.. a winding pattern of chasms that few realized were actually shaped by a mendelbrot Fractal algorithm. Finally almost a mile deep there opened an enormous gaping chasm with no light. "Wait here. Most of you can't see down here. Have to be able to see in UV or IR."


Maelstrom lept off the shelf and vanished into the darkness. A few moments later he turned on the lights and the vast wealth of his hoard was visible before those gathered. The chasm expanded several hundred meters in all directions from the entrance above, even beneath it and was supported by columns.  The hoard pile measured almost 500 billion in various global commodities, gold, silver, gems, and radioactive metals. He and Koudoa slept on it every night together. The leap from the shelf to the ground was at least 10 stories. Any person in capable of flight or without grappling gear would fall to their death. "Imperial Treasury. Sorry.. I may have forgotten to remind you about this when I let you take over." He gave a roguish smirk. "You might need to don radiation suits or.. just avoid my hoard."


He began digging in a pile of gold.. "It's around here somewhere... oh where are you button....." After several long minutes of digging. "Aha..." *click*.


A door opened on a far wall leading to a slope that went 45 degrees down with hand rails and stairs on each side. "There we go, passage into the ancient under-city.".

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"No worries Mael. The economy had been doing great before the attack and we have come back from worse. I'm sorry but this next part we will need to do without you because if you come with us there is a chance your presence will scare off the Mandarin and we need to make sure this thing kills him no matter what. I will try to contact you once the job is done and if I dont... well lets just hope that prophecy was real." 
As the team advanced through the cavern it became clear just how old the place really was. They were within the outskirts of the ancient city outside of its normal defensive barrier. Sergeant Ling would ask how old the place was and why there were stairs leading from Maelstrom's lair into the city. Jesse would do his best to answer but even he didn't have all the answers. "This place has been here for thousands of years before recorded human history even began. While Maelstrom claims that his people were from another planet their is a theory that they used to live here on earth. During the beginning of the Dragon Civil War 50,000 years ago there were many dragon refugees with nowhere to go and I believe that instead of trying to find new places here on earth they instead tried to find a home outside of the solar system. I think Maelstrom and his people are direct descendants of those refugees that may have fled to the stars which could also explain why those ancient medallions I found years ago just before he arrived reacted with him when I brought them to him. No way to really confirm it but so far that theory works with everything else we know about him."
"And now we are down here to finish that war once and for all. For what its worth it has been an honor to fight for you and alongside you."
"Don't go saying that yet. I still intend to get us all out alive."
Eventually they would make their way to the main center of the city. It would start out quiet but soon it would be clear they ran into a trap. Gunshots would ring out all around them as Dragons loyal to the Mandarin would begin firing at them from the surrounding ancient stone buildings. Dragon 2 (Sergeant Ling) would bring the suitcase to the city's central monument and begin arming the nuke while the others circled at the base of the stairs leading to the monument and continued to fire at their attackers.
While they were fighting at the base of the stairs leading Jesse would be hit in the thigh by a stray bullet and go down. As the others got closer to protect him the enemy dragons would stop firing as the Black Dragon Mandarin approached them himself. "You have fought admirably Jesse but even you can see this is a battle you will not win. You think I didn't know that you were planning to come down here so you can kill me? I knew every move you were going to make before you ever made it."
"Really? If you knew I wanted to kill you than why are you here right now?" Jesse would hold up his gun aiming it at him. "What's stopping me from pulling the trigger right now and completing that mission?!"
"Because just shooting me will not end the war on the surface. Because if you fire at me right now my forces will slaughter you on the stop. You can end this peacefully Jesse without throwing your lives away. If we don't work together the humans will kill us all. I knew that your forces would never join me willingly so the only way I could gain access to your resources was to remove you and your forces from the equation entirely. When you figured out I was going to attack again after Shanghai I knew you would position your forces here hoping to defend from any attack but that only made it easier for me to spring my own trap on them when we attack from here and spilled onto the surface. This is the moment of truth Jesse. Every battle, every strike, was meant to bring us to this."
Jesse wouldn't put his gun down. "I think we'll take our chances without without you."
"Since it is clear you will not join me there is only one other solution." His forces would then ready their weapons. "Before we kill you do you have any last words?"
"Oh just a few." A beeping noise would be heard as the countdown timer on the nuke hit the last 5 seconds. While the Mandarin was talking Ling would finish arming the nuke and stay with it to make sure it went off knowing there was nothing anyone could do to stop it from incinerating him immediately. "See you in hell you son of a ***** ! ADRIA NOW !!!"
Adria would then teleport in and use what power she had to create a forcefield around Jesse and the others at the bottom of the stairs as the nuke went off at the momument incinerating Ling milliseconds before the blast reached them. Adria would continue to hold up the forcefield as the blast hit the surrounding cavern and incinerated much of the hard rock it was made of and causing the rest of it to cave in on top of them.

Some sad music that fits this part perfectly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLxv_g_zQkY
As that happened much of downtown Shangri-La would cave in killing many of the Mandarin's dragons who were holding that part of the city at the time. Those that were not killed by the collapse would eventually be captured or killed by NDE forces as Sterling and his forces swept through the area after the blast. "Any reports from Jesse and the others?" He would ask his lieutenant.
"Not yet but we'll keep trying. There is a lot of rubble and radiation between here and there so the chances of us reaching them soon are slim, however it is even slimmer that they are even alive."
"They are alive! Keep trying!"
"Yes sir."

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Maelstrom's eyes flickered with lightning arcing behind the irises in the depths of the blackness of his serpentine pupils, "Do you need help Adria or do you have this?" He asked his grand-daughter quietly, arms crossed behind his back as he looked at the debris that had fallen over and around them.

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"We are all good down here but can you please tell them to hurry up with getting all this rubble away from us. Jesse's been shot."


"I'm ok Adria." Jesse would then say. "But you are right. The faster we can get out of here the better. Why don't you just teleport us out of here the same way you came in?"


"Because I would have to take down the forcefield to do that and the second I do the rubble will then crush us all."


"Oh. Yea Mael if you can hear me it is time to get us out of here fast!"

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It would take a while but eventually they would finally get out of there once enough rubble was removed from where it was on top of them. Once Adria was done healing Jesse's would she was then able to teleport them all to the palace where Sterling and the others had gathered. "Great to see you all alive and well." Sterling would say. "Although it had only been a week or so there were times when I wondered if we would ever get you out of there."


Although some of them were suffering from malnutrition they were otherwise alive and well. "We are good now Sterling." Jesse would say. "Finally was able to find out what that prophecy about Adria really was. She healed my gunshot wound down there just like what the finger paintings in those ancient ruins showed. How they were able to foresee this I will never know."


"That is a mystery we may never figure out. Just glad you are all alive."


"Not all of us Sterling. Not all of us." 

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OOC: PM me if you are bored as well and have a good idea for a CNRPA character rp.


Over the next few weeks/months (whichever it really is) while the EAI was focused on their invasion of Los Angeles the New Dragon Empire just focused on keeping their area of Asia secure. All NDE military bases and garrisons would check in to let Jesse and Mei know they were good and everything was ok on their end. Ever since the attack on Shangri-La they didn't want to take any more chances and would make sure their borders were as secure as they needed to be to make sure nothing like that ever happened again and to also make sure there was never a repeat of the "Macau Incident".


"Everything is all good now mother." Jesse would say to Mei. "Our borders are secure and any remnants of "The Mandarin's" forces have been either captured or destroyed. The Dragon Civil War which began so many thousands of tears ago is finally over."


"It may be over Jesse but our jobs will not become any easier. New threats will always emerge and when they do we need to be ready for every single one of them. There was much news coverage of the battle that took place here and many other national leaders will want answers for what happened."


"And honestly I am ready to give them those answers whether they are the answers they want to hear or not. It is clear we cannot hide who we really are from them any longer but we can still show them that are no more threats to them than anyone else. We only kill when we are threatened just like the humans do and what they think about it doesn't matter because it is the truth and deep down they will accept it." 

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