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The Union of Communist Republics (henceforth known as UCR) and Doom Squad (henceforth known as DS) (the term party/parties may be used to define either UCR or DS) have come to be friends and by getting some paperwork out of the way make our friendship formally recognizable.
Article 1: Optional Aggression
Either party can act in an aggressive manner in solidarity with other signatory against another party. This is not an obligation but is a privilege to do so.
Article 2: Non chaining
Let’s be honest, both parties have other treaties, needs or obligations to attend to. Thus this treaty is optional. If there is another treaty that supersedes this one, then UCR or DS can choose not to activate this treaty and sit out the hammering of the enemy. 
Article 3: Information
Both UCR or DS may have information pertaining to the safety or security of the other. As long as sharing that information does not breach a higher priority treaty, that information should be shared with expedience.
Article 4: E-lawyering is against the state
Let us recognize that we are comrades in arms, we have signed this treaty as a sign of our friendship to one another and thus agree not to get stuck on any loopholes that may exist. Whose form of Communism is better, Trotsky or Stalin? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that we, workers of the world, are united as a forefront to our ideals and to one another. Comrades until death.
Article 5: Upgrading or Nullifying
If the signatory alliances of UCR and DS determine it worthwhile the two may upgrade this treaty to signify stronger ties and greater co-operation. On the flip side, if either alliance is displeased with the current treaty and wishes to nullify the arraignment, a 48 hour notification must be given privately to the other alliance letting them know of the intent to cancel. After the 48 hour window is up, the treaty is over. If this fateful day happens when comrades abandon one another, and both parties just want it to be over, they can mutually forgo the 48 hour wait and end it immediately.
Signatories for the Union of Communist Republics:
KillingInnocent - Premier
WarrenJarol - Commissar of Internal Affairs
AkkenNovikov - Commissar of Finance
RA2Leader - Commissar of Defense
Sergei Romanov - Commissar of Foreign Affairs
Sondirrasta - Commissar of Census
Signatories for DoomSquad
Hapapants - God Prince

Ghost - Doomanager

Caliph - Doombassador

Xavier Rengegade Angel - Doomarshall

Stonewall - Propaganda Doominister

Addaff - Doom Advisor

Supreme Emperor Daeg - Doom Advisor

High Chancellor Liq - Doom Advisor

Lord Hershey - Doom Advisor

Banned - Doom Advisor
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