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Top 5 alliances with biggest Political impact on Digiterra all time.

Hime Themis

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Gentle Persons


 Much as it is a joy to always take the negative route let us look at those alliances who have had the most impact on Digiterra.


1. New Pacific Order

Love them or hate them much of the politics of Digiterra have revolved around their machinations.Continuum,One Vison

2. New Polar Order

The offspring of NPO has taken NPO's place as the alliance some people love to hate an just cannot get over. The split in the orders was one of the profound changes to world politics. 

3. Vox Populi

Without stroking the egos of those whose egos need no stroking it is quite arguable that the Karma war and subsequent major shift in politics from the NPO to others would not have occured.

4. Mushroom Kingdom

While not a fan of their style to deny the importance they played in the politics as a foil to NPO/NpO and later after Karma the rise of the doom house and its offspring and the bold move to publicly at least cancel all treaties would be untruthfull.


 Once again an alliance whose style is antithetical to our own but to suggest that they have not completely upset the applecart of past politics would be to have cast blind eyes on the the current state of Digiterra.


 This is not to suggest that other alliances like , GPA, TOP, LUE,GOONS, ...etc. Have not major impact but rather there must be a top five in your minds.


 This is not a list of who you like best, else wise there would be a few  different alliances on my list. Try to fairly adjudge the impact for better or worse the alliances you chose. My list is from my perpective of course not an exaustive study. I would love to hear your choices and reasons why.



Dame HIme Themis

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1. New Pacific Order... brought the light of Francoism and Order to a world in Chaos.
2. New Polar Order... Destroyed the Unjust Path and has ever stood as a stronghold against tyranny.
3. DBDC... Embodied the parasite ideal of exploitation to its fullest potential.
4. Mushroom Kingdom... Plunged the world into barbarism and Chaos following the Armaggedon/Karma War.
5. /b/... The Ultimate Evil that set the template for all Chaos alliances existing today.

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1. NPO- They were a political and tyrannical powerhouse for most of the history within CN. While I don't agree with how they operated in the earlier years, as it clearly effected my nation in negative ways, they deserve the top spot for me. 


2. Vox Populi- I seen Vox as the martyrs of Planet Bob. Through Vox's message, I felt like it literally breathed life back into Planet Bob. It was a voice and a movement unlike any other Planet Bob has ever seen. Will it be the only voice of that magnitude for the rest of the game? Only time will tell.


3. GATO- They've been here as long as NPO has, while they haven't had quite the drama or theatrics that NPO has, Planet Bob recognizes them for their political policies and maneuvers none the less.


4. \m/- My original family. I will always hold a special place in my heart for these heathens and I think Planet Bob will as well. \m/ is just one of those alliances where you either loved or hated them, usually wasn't room for in between. And fact of the matter is, we cared none the less and did as we pleased. Politics be damned.


5. DBDC- I see a lot happening in the future with this alliance. They're starting to remind me of the younger NPO. Let's hope that they are wiser. 

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1) MK

2) NPO

3) Valhalla (quite by accident, the noCB war was the end for NPO and friends as the community stood up and said you cannot tell people they cannot play the game)

4) LUE

5) GOOONS v1


I can agree with this list

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I start by saying that with "political impact" I mean to have shaped the political rules of inter-alliance dealings and the political dynamics that "determine" where CN politics go.


With that in mind my list should be pretty self-explanatory:

1. New Pacific Order

2. Vox Populi (2nd)

3. (vacant)

4. (vacant)

5. (vacant)


In other words, we only saw two paradigms at work (edit for clarity: 1. material force and 2. idealism). The third and so on are yet to be seen.

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Hime? Starting topics like these? You under the influence or something?

Good Killjoy123


 No just dog tired of petty negative threads as the norm. Thought something positive might be a nice change. :)



Dame Hime Themis

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NPO: Really set the bar for dominance and forging the world as we see it.

MK: Reigned for longer than NPO, and changed the world in many ways.  Ultimately I'd rank NPO just a tad higher for being the first, and NPO's hold on power was closer to being absolute.

NpO: Never dominant in the same way NPO (pre-Karma). and MK were, but definitely important.  Probably been the main target of a coalition more than any other alliance.

GOONS (v1) To over simply things: set the precedent for the more silly/fun (as opposed to serious like NPO) style of play


There's a big gap between NPO/MK and then NpO/GOONS, and then between NpO/GOONS and any other alliances.


Honorable mentions:

- Vox: Their propaganda campaign was very significant in setting the tone for Karma.  That being said people overstate their impact by ignoring the other political undercurrents that led to it.

- TOP: Frequently a major political player.  Came close to achieving dominance before Bipolar.

- VE: Also frequently a major political player politically, if not as much statistically.

- GPA: Set the template and precedent for neutral alliances that other neutrals (TDO, WTF, etc.) have followed.

- Gremlins: The original "elite" alliance.  And also one of the first alliances to really develop and cultivate a "moralist" (for lack of a better word) image.  

- Valhalla: For the reasons Rush said.


DBDC hasn't been around long enough to see what type of  long term impact they might have and while they intensely dominate one aspect of the world, their overall reach is more limited.  They don't have the kind of political reach that NPO, MK, and NpO had at their peaks.

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NPO - First power house who also gave us the update blitz


In truth everyone else pretty much just followed what NPO has already laid out, but ofc some big names that has had some effect would be MK, Goons (the real ones), NpO, FAN, \M/, GATO, there are so many who have had small changes to the games but as i said most if not all changes are down to NPO.

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Pacifica, Polaris, MK. No one else comes close to what those three have achieved at their respective times of dominance. Alliances like Umb, (pre-Ram) Gremlins, DBDC, etc are no doubt powerhouses but occupy a restricted sphere so their power projection is limited. 

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