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Dope Doom Knights


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Article I: Preamble

In the interests of peace and prosperity, Doom Squad (DS) along with the Black Knights (BK) hereby declares that we’re dope and dope people should be friends.


Article II: Protection

Doom Squad shall protect the Black Knights in any conflict that they do not start. This includes, but not limited to, protection from random raids, defense in alliance wars, defense against bullies, and help getting girlfriends.


Article III: The Little Guy

The Black Knights may defend Doom Squad if they so please, but it is not required.


Article IV: Economic Cooperation

Doom Squad and the Black Knights agree to mutual economic cooperation.


Article V: Cancellation

If either party decides things are not working out, they may cancel the treaty but must give notice 48 hours before the cancellation.


Signed for Doom Squad:

Hapapants-God Prince
Xavier Renegade Angel-Doomarshal
Stonewall- Propaganda Doominister
Addaf-Doom Advisor
Supreme Emperor Daeg-Doom Advisor
High Chancellor Liq-Doom Advisor
Lord Hershey-Doom Advisor

Banned-Doom Advisor


Signed for the Black Knights:

Yosodog, King of the Black Knights
Jimmyvbuck, Crown Prince of the Black Knights
Supercheese, His Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Development
Mitch666, His Majestys Secretary of State for Home Affairs and the Interior
Irule777, His Majestys Secretary of State for Finance and Chancellor of the Exchequer
Mr Flubb, His Majestys Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Justice


ayy lmao™

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