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Black Knights DoE


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We the members of the Black Knights have come together in strength and unity to forge a new path for our nations, and to seek out new possibilities for our future.

Charter of The Black Knights
Article I: Membership and Admission
i. All nations in good standing with the Black Knights may apply to join the alliance, and assuming they follow proper protocol set by the standing government, may be admitted upon the discretion of members of the government.
ii. All nations upon joining shall receive the right to vote in all referendums, shall become full members on the alliance forums, and shall be protected by the Black Knights unless they violate alliance law.
iii. Members may be expelled at any time by the King or Crown Prince if theyre caught breaking alliance law or are deemed a nuisance to the alliances well-being.
Article II: Military Policy
i. Member nations may only declare war on another nation when approved by the Minister of Defense, King, or Prince. Failure to follow this rule may result in removal from the alliance.
ii. Nukes may only be used in a full alliance-wide war or when authorized by the Minister of Defense, King, or Prince.
iii. Alliance wars may be declared by a majority vote of the cabinet, and approval of either the King or the Crown Prince.
iv. In the event the alliance is attacked, a declaration of war will be assumed and the Minister of Defense is to prepare the defensive war effort immediately.
Article III: Government
Monarchy - The King of the Black Knights shall lead the alliance in its day to day affairs and shall reserve the various rights dictated to the presidency in this document. They shall direct the cabinet, select a Crown Prince, and direct cabinet meetings and affairs. Additional powers not designated in this document will be left to the discretion of the cabinet and King.
Crown Prince - The Crown Prince (Prince for short) of the Black Knights shall assist the King in all their duties and shall assume the King should the King resign or be impeached until the next election is held. In the event of the Kings absence for 72 hours or more (or 24 hours in an alliance crisis), the Prince may become acting King with the consent of the ministers until the King returns.
Cabinet - The cabinet shall be comprised of the ministers of the Black Knights and shall have the power to declare war, approve treaties, create alliance law and policy, and shall run their separate departments. All cabinet votes shall include the King and Crown Prince and shall require a majority vote unless otherwise stated in this document. The King shall appoint all the ministers of the cabinet, including but not limited to, a Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Minister of Defense, a Minister of Internal Affairs, a Minister of Finance, and a Minister of Education.
Impeachment - An impeachment vote may be started by any cabinet minister, the Crown Prince, or King, or five petitioning members of the Black Knights to remove any member of public office. A majority vote shall be required to remove a member from office, or a ⅗ majority for the removal of the King or Crown Prince.
Replacement of a King - In the event the King resigns, is impeached, or can not perform the duties of office, the Crown Prince shall become the next King of the Black Knights and shall appoint a new Crown Prince. If both should resign, the cabinet shall elect a new King.
Article IV: Amendments
i. Amendments may be made to this document by a ⅗ majority vote of the alliance and may be proposed by three petitioning members of the alliance.
Yosodog, King of the Black Knights
Jimmyvbuck, Crown Prince of the Black Knights
Supercheese, His Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Development
Mitch666, His Majestys Secretary of State for Home Affairs and the Interior
Irule777, His Majestys Secretary of State for Finance and Chancellor of the Exchequer
Mr Flubb, His Majestys Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Justice

Forum link: http://cn.bkpw.net/index.php?
Irc Channel: #bkcn Edited by supercheese
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I was confused when I got a notification about this, because it seemed pretty late, until I realized where it was from. Glad to see this over here, too! :)

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Between the off-center flag and the UPN protectorate: rough start.

Yes because this certainly has a great effect on the legitimacy of an alliance...


Anyway, good luck. Code Geass is a great show. However I think the Holy Britannian empire would have made a great theme, as well.

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Anyway, good luck. Code Geass is a great show. However I think the Holy Britannian empire would have made a great theme, as well.

We used it somewhere else, did not want to just copy it here :)


Woah two founding senators and jimmyvbuck is there.


Congrats on getting rid of Flubb though Jrkee :P


Good luck guys.

Well howdy tywin lol

Edited by jimmyvbuck
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