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MI6 The Show


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Tonight, MI6 invites you to play along in an edition of Pokemon FIRERED.


Please join us in a night of fun.


As always -- Remember the following words of wisdom:


What is boiled may never be steamed - But steeps again, stronger and warmer.




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Next week, on MI6: The Show!


Can MrHiott's Pidgey ever do anything of value?  

Will we catch a caterpie, name it Salajol, and watch it turn into a beautiful Butterfree?


Can Carter defeat Brock?


Is Duelking's Mankey going to get released?


Tune in and find out!

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If this is a euphemism, they'd never allow it on Twitch.


Bagel built a wall around his sheep on AoE in one of his first games. I don't really understand the relevance of Josh's statement either though.


Maybe Josh wants us to stream an AoE game? Not a bad idea actually.

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