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Die Another Day


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MI6 hereby surrenders to the combined forces of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Umbrella, and the Viridian Entente.


MI6 also agrees to not re-enter the present conflict(Doom War) and agrees to not provide aid to any remaining combatants for its duration.



Signed for MI6,

Chimaera, M

Kahlan Rahl, M

Kerschbs, 001

Gibsonator21, 002

Roy Mustang, 003

Gopherbashi, 004

Salsabeast, 005

James Bond, 007


Signed for Umbrella, 

Roquentin, President

MrHiott, Vice President

TimLee, Field Marshal

Dylan Carter, Head Envoy

Almighty Hero, Crownguard, white majik, Envoys

domisi, Generator


Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations

The Warrior - President, IRON Councilor
Third King - Secretary of State, IRON Councilor
Blade 619 - Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor
Rhizoctonia - Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor
Mandarijn - Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor


Signed for the Viridian Entente,

Goldie, Lord 

Baltus, Duke 


Supreme 142, Secretary of State

Sweeeeet Ronny D, Secretary of Defense

Lieutenant Yenroh, Secretary of Economics

Cardsrock32, Secretary of the Interior 


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Congrats MI6! It may be a "surrender" but I think we can agree MI6 are the real winners here.

Tywin declared us the winners, let's pack up our bags and disband now, boys.


Regardless it was an incredible pleasure to fight VE, IRON, and Umb this war, who were very good sports throughout.




Edit: Obligatory shout outs to Presidential, Tick1, and Wii for making this war actually fun.

Edited by Duke Nukem
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A shout out to all the opponents I fought and especially these VE members that I had the opportunity of conversing with during the war. 


I also have a request, can I join #killcharles now? :P

Lol o/ Sure, Ill add you there, Its not used too much these days, just my war channel. Whats your nick on IRC?

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Good war boys, MI6 you have been worthy opponents this war.

My respect for VE has gone up tremendously throughout this war. You guys did a great job if keeping us staggered and keeping the pressure on. One of the best alliances I have ever fought.

Nice to see peace, now on to rebuilding.
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