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A Final Act of Destruction

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Over 600 days ago, The Sweet Oblivion and The Order of The Reaper merged to form the Disciples of Destruction. Throughout those 600 days, there have been lots of friendships created, some broken, wars fought, tech accumulated, and the opportunity to hang out with and fight beside some of the finest allies on Planet Bob. But all good things eventually come to an end. And it has come time for our end. To cling to a dying hope is not in our nature. We would much rather have one final act of destruction, that of our alliance itself. Yet we will always have our brotherhood, formal alliance or not. We will always be disciples.


On behalf of my fellow disciples, I would also like to thank all of our allies--Umbrella, War Pigs, VE, Sengoku, TOP-- and friends who have been there for us in these difficult times, supporting us every step of the way. These same allies will be protecting the DoD AA indefinitely (specifically Umb, TOP, and Sengoku officially). 









Das Blitzkrieger- The Prophet


Raymond Jaeger- The Sword


Lewenhaupt- Blessed


Griff- Blessed


hormones74- Inquisitor


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I'm very sorry to see this. Good luck to all of you, wherever you may go.

I suppose this is interesting not long after the expulsion of a member due to the influence of a certain well known alliance.
Best of luck guys.

Tywin, you're a bloody moron.
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 I knew the wrath of Sandstorm would be to much to over come....  Down you fall  dirty dogs  !!!!  


Just Joking  I hate seeing this happen because we just started to get to know you guys. Hope it works out for all involved.   :D  

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Don't really know how to feel about this. Sad to see any AA fold. We obviously had some tense relations over this time, some personal issues etc, but the Nordland blood was strong in DoD and despite everything, that is more important. After all, brothers always fight and it's always bitter when they do. I hope you all find safe new homes. Keep in touch with each other, and us. Good luck.

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