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GM of the RP's: The Two Blocs



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This poll will run for 48 hours, and only CNRPA Players can vote.
Everyone has one vote, as such multiple votes are disabled for this election.
If you have the need to post do so on the OOC thread, otherwise posting on this thread voids your vote.

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The polls are officially closed!


Regardless of how late it was, I did keep track of who voted for who when the polls ended exactly after 48 hours, as such the legitimate votes as are follows:


Brian: Mogar, supercheese, Jesbro, Mara

Dillon: Dillon, Greywall

JED: FHIC, Euphaia

Lyser: Lyser, Peter, Margrave

P. Diddy: P. Diddy


Question 1 - Brian is the winning candidate.

Seeing as there are no rule preventing a non-player from being elected, the result for the CNRPA community is that Brian is the new third GM.

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