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CNRP'40: GM's Hall

Peter Ilyich

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The GM's Hall


The GM's want this to be an engaging and active hall. If it has to do with any rule or dispute, it can be posted. This may also apply to any inactivity notice.


You know the rules for CNRP'40. If you don't, please, before making any IC posts please check out the map and rule thread of CNRP'40. That is also where you post map requests, not here. This is for OOC notices and others. To know your way around CNRP'40, we have created a portal to show you the way to anything.


CNRP'40 Portal

    Section 1: Out-of-Character Threads

Map & Rules

Old Map & Rules

OOC Thread


    Section 2: In-Character Threads

Massachusetts(Peter Ilyich) News & Actions

Spanish Empire News & Actions

Persian DoE and Actions


Note: The above is still under construction and will undergo regular editing.


Necessary Information

    Sections 1: What is a GM?

GM's, or Game Managers, are tasked with managing the game and making sure that everyone is following the rules. They are used a lot to regulate and dictate wars to make sure they are following the guidelines set previously.

    Section 2: Elections

Every 3 months, there will be a 48-hour-long poll/vote in which the people in CNRP40 will vote upon GM's. Before this, there will be a 48-hour nomination period to get GM's to be voted upon.

    Section 3: Current GM's

The current GM's are Peter Ilyich and Greywall, and elections will be held on February 4th to decide the new GM's.


Please remember the rules for this thread, and pay attention to the portal to make sure you are posting in the right place. Any questions just ask a GM. We are all here to help!


In regards to rules, the rules will always be changing. That is a purpose of this thread, to make sure that the rules suit what the community as a whole wants.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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