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World Map of CNRP'40

Peter Ilyich

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Cybernations Roleplay


Current GM's: Peter Ilyich, Greywall
Official Timescale: 1 RL month = 1 IC Year
IRC: #cnrp40
The Setting

The year doesn't matter; we'd never all agree on a timeline anyway so you might as well use 194X. The only common history is that World War I happened to some degree, except it ended in a white peace of some kind.

The technology years range from 1935 to 1940. This means the equipment must be in production or service in your tech year. This will be detailed more in the rules.

Starting a Nation

There are three ways to start a nation.

- The first is to find white space that is not labelled as a protectorate, and post a DoE.
- The second way is to find a protectorate and either request it of them private message its owner (there is a list of protectorate owners below) or find them in our Coldfront channel, #cnrp2.
- You may also make a post in this map thread asking if there is any significant land. There is a rare occasion that someone will grant you a piece of their own (coloured) land, but this is, like I said, rare.

(Thank you CNRP2 Rule Thread)

Only after a DoE has been posted will land go on the map. This means that posting in the map thread that you want Examplestan does not guarantee you Examplestan. If somebody DoE's before you as Examplestan, then you're out of luck; talk to them, not the mapmaker.

Oversea Territories (colonies) are allowed when establishing one's nation, but will be limited.

List of Nations & Protectorates
North America

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Peter Ilyich
South East Tribes  - Supercheese
Communist States of America - Markus Wildig
Oregon - Dillon1102
South America
Spanish Empire - Greywall
Swedish Empire - Yawoo
Poland - Euphaia
Tsardom of Russia - Centurius
Republic of Persia  - Mrdirector
Great Soviet Union - Kevin Kingswell
The Rules

Section 1: Points & National Strength

Evangeline Anovilis, on 09 Sept 2014 - 6:48 PM, said:snapback.png

Every nation has a basis of 800 points to spend at the start.
30 points per tech year. With no points spent, it is at 1935. It can be raised to 1940.
1 point for 10,000 soldiers.
1 point per 300 artillery pieces/150 tankettes or armoured cars (up to 5 tons)/100 light AFVs (5-20 tons)/50 medium AFVs (20-50 tons)/25 heavy AFVs (50-75 tons)/10 super-heavy AFVs (75+ tons)
1 point per 100 aircraft.
1 point per 2 destroyers
1 point per cruiser
3 points per battlecruiser
5 points per battleship
10 points per carrier
2 points per seaplane tender
1 point per 3 submarines
Carrier aircraft/seaplanes come with their ships.
Points can also be spent on industry. Industry allows a weekly replenishment of lost points in other categories at a rate of the full industrial score in peacetime and half the industrial score in wartime. The following ships need industrial investment over multiple weeks: Destroyers need 2 weeks for recovery, cruisers need 4 weeks, capital ships need 6 weeks. GMs can deny replenishment, if not enough IC time has passed to justify a replenishment.
Unarmed and unarmoured vehicles and horses are free, but need to be kept within reason.
Factbooks need to be kept, to list the point distribution of a nation.

Section 3: Gaining Land

Players may gain land by militarily expanding into it. Land expansion is fully contestable for two (2) weeks, and the annexed land cannot be added to the map until the two weeks have been completed. Land Expansion should typically be only of provinces/states; exceptions to annex a whole country* may be asked of the GM team. Annexation requires a minimum of five (5) posts; up to three (3) additional posts may be requested by the GM as a team should the territory be considered large.

*This would be most appropriate in areas such as the Balkans.

All links directly related to the expansion must be included in the map thread post requesting the land, at the end of the two weeks.

All annexation, contestation of annexation, and protectorates, requires soldiers on the ground, or something equivalent, which is deducted from your force count.

Section 3: The Gamemasters & Mapmaker

The Mapmaker holds the position of making the map. This is a volunteer position. The Map Maker's powers are limited to the following:

-Making the map; this means that it is the mapmaker's job to place the territory held by players onto the map.
-Denying unreasonable claims. The mapmaker may decline claims of excessive starting size (for example, China + Tibet + Mongolia, or Germany + Poland, would be excessive starting claims). This can be overruled by the GM team.
-Enforcing Section 3 through their Map Making powers.
-Maintaining Updated Rules: The mapmaker must keep the rules in the thread accurate and up to date.

There are three (3) GM's, who are elected for two (2) month terms. The nomination period lasts 48 hours, followed by a 48 hour election. Only players with nations may vote. Their powers are explained below:

-Random Event rolls & points: Once a week the GM team may make a roll for a Random Event (Section 4). Nations targeted may opt out of the event. Nations which RP the Random Event out may earn up to 3 national points, the awarding of which must be approved by the full GM team. If a GM's nation is chosen, they are excluded from the GM team in terms of the vote.
-Dispute Arbitration: The GM team pause, retcon, or make rulings on roleplays in order to create a healthier community. During a dispute, the two parties must send a PM to all involved parties, as well as the full GM team. If a GM's nation is involved, they may not rule on the matter.
-Creation of Rule Polls: Alternations to rules must be made by the players. A player discussion must run for a minimum of one (1) week, after which polling options must be presented by the players. An option for the status quo must always be included in the poll. The poll runs for 48 hours. The winning option is then given to the mapmaker to be placed in the Map & Rules thread.
-Removal of Players: The GM team may create a poll to remove a player. A 75% majority is needed to remove a player from the RP.
-IC/OOC Line Enforcement: The GM team holds the exclusive power to retcon roleplay, without evidence, should the team as a whole suspect that the IC/OOC line is being toyed with or tampered. This does not allow removal of nations; merely the retcon of specific RP.

Section 4: Random Events

Once a week, the GM team may make two rolls: one to determine the impacted nation, and one to apply one (1) of the effects on the list. Nations targeted may opt out of the event. Nations which RP the Random Event out may earn up to 3 national points, the awarding of which must be approved by the full GM team. If a GM's nation is chosen, they are excluded from the GM team in terms of the vote.

-Emergence of Counter-Government Revolutionaries
-Drought/Poor Harvest
-Economic Recession
-Heavy Rains & Flooding
-Workers' Strikes in one or more major cities
-Soldiers' Strikes in one or more brigades
-Assassination/death of a government official
-Pandemic/Plague in one or more major cities
-Large National Disaster (Earthquake, large tornadoes, etc.)
-Economic/Industrial Disaster (Major mine collapses, price for specific commodity collapses, major ammunition factory explodes, etc.)
Section 5: Community Drive Rules

Changing the rules is up to the community. The members of the community have a voice in deciding what the rules are and how they should be applied. Members of the CNRP'40 community can post discussion threads to talk about new rules, old rules, and/or changing the rules.

Polls can be posted as well, however, GM polls are the official measure of the community's desire to modify, remove, or add new rules.

Rule Vote Archives:

Initial Rule Vote

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I've talked to Kevz and we have come to the following agreement. Kevz maintains most of Russia however the Tsardom of Russia will get the territories it held and was in the process of obtaining before the inactivitywave inside Russia and Kazakhstan(http://i.imgur.com/kEgedT3.png).


I am also re-establishing the protectorate the Tsardom held over Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States(which had been established here http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/124054-vedomosti/?p=3311338)

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