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Iraqi Republic Factbook


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Government: Federal Republic


Capital: Baghdad


President: Mohammad Usbara


Legislature: Iraqi Senate


Population: 33 million


Offical Currency: Iraqi dollar


Unemployment rate: 1.9 %


GDP: 222.9 billion USD (actual GDP)


Currency reserves: 67.1 billion


Primary industries: Oil refining, agriculture, retail, energy (supplies most of the Middle East with electricity and natural gas)



Military information



Iraqi National Army


Northern Army 45,000 regulars 

                          200 T-72 tanks

                          100 BMP-2 

                          50 122 mm Howitzers 

                          100 PT-76's 


Northern Air force


                            10- Mi8 Gunships

                            20 Mig-21 fighters



Central Army 35,000 regulars

                       300 T-72 tanks 

                        100 BMP-2

                         100 122 mm Howitzers

                          50 PT-76's


Central Air force 


                40-Mi8 Gunships

                25 Mig-21 fighters

                10 Mig-31 (elite fighter squadron) 



Southern Army 20,000 regulars

                         100 T-72 tanks

                          80 BMP-2

                           50 122 mm Howitzers

                           20 PT-76's


Southern Air force


                      20 Mi8 Gunships

                      15 Mig-21 fighters


Southern coastal defenses


                  20 PBR 






Relations with other nations









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