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NOT a topic about Atlas

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Hey guys,


Atlas has done some very nasty things blah blah blah blah..


But this is not a thread about them! Yep, there are other threads too!


Citadel decided to attack tonight because beers are too expensive in pubs and we can't get drunk as usuall. We declare war on FIST!


Stats as of 23;42: Untitledstats.png


As you see, war is slight downdeclare on our part and FIST is ill prepared with DEFCON 5 and 5k soldiers. What can we do, right?



I hope everyone will enjoy this war as much as we hope they will!

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I never thought I'd feel so ashamed for something you said.


How dare you to say that beer is too expensive? you should feel bad  :mad:


I'm drunk in your stead  :ehm:


Also, hail casualties o/

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Yeah I think you caught FIST with their pants down on this one.
Kinez, I love the screen shoot you post with the DoW.....the part at the top where it says "target list for Fist war"
Epic, made me laugh!

good luck to both sides!


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