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The problem with being a hard working head of state is the hard work literally never ends. With Australia having some shred of stability, King Gregory said, "@#$# this, I'm going fishing." To ensure he doesn't get shot at, bombed, or poisoned he has four men who have undergone surgery to take on his appearance. These four men are scheduled for a variety of public events around Malta and in Maltese territories. All the while, the real King with his newly dyed hair and his large sunglasses would be sitting off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia trying to reel in the largest fish possible. 


After securing permission from Australia, four different tours companies were hired in different parts of Australia using accounts in different banks under different names. They are paid for in advance and in full. Once the owners realize their client is a no show, they'd undoubtedly take the afternoon off and enjoy the generous tip and handwritten note explaining the situation and apologizing for the no show from King Gregory that would be delivered via registered mail. Transport to Australia was via Gulfstream executive transport, three are sent out in different directions and each equipped with an extensive onboard suite of defenses. 


On arrival the King, and two of his trusted retainers, would present their passports to the Australian customs official. The passports were Maltese in design, but South African in origin. Part of the Royal South African Bureau's duties include issuing passports. Mr. Rugelkoph, Mr. Shiesskoph, and Mr. Dumkoph carry nothing more than their wallets shoved with Australian dollars, credit cards, and their luggage. Several fishing poles and cameras are also carried along with them in their hands and special cases. 

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