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Dear ''friends'',

I would like to officially apologize on behalf of Atlas and myself for any disruption that I have done during this period of hatred. I should have learned the ethics and what I like to call ''extra rules'' of the game before creating my own alliance. I should have even at least ask for some help if I didn't think things threw all the way. I have learned a lot during this small yet horrible period of time. From the start, I was advised to be careful as to who I trusted and who I didn't. I have learned that you can trust very few and that a game for many can be much more than just a game. I would also like to officially resign as President of Atlas. I'm not sure where I'm going but wherever I do, I'll be much more happy than where I am now. So for the Jihadists and Fearless Fighters that are still attacking Atlas, CEASE FIRE. They no longer take orders from me. I would also like to stress that the Angels of War are in no way AT ALL allied or even talking with Atlas. I might have lost much strength but to think that this is only my first round. I got many more. Though what you can expect from me is the following:

-I AM coming back next round and more ready then ever.

-I'm keeping the nation name Hellas because I pretty damn love that name and I'm proud to name it after the Birth place of Democracy and of Western civilization.

-I will be holding no grudges.

-I will be more careful from now on.


Finally, I would like to thank the few that actually listened and acknowledged my side of the story. Once again, I'm sorry and hope that this apology will ed all hatred towards Atlas and me.


Best regards and good luck in this round of TE!


Yous truly,


King Georges III

-Newbie and Most Wanted in all of TE :P-

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Thank you. I hope to see the same being done for the fearless fighter and for the rest of Atlas

I do believe we have forgiven all of their transgressions and blasphemies...this includes the Goons,,,Peace be with you!

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The name Hellas is already taken by a guy who is respected. please do not ruin that

No offense but why should I respect a man that had and still has no respect for me? And like I said, it's my nation and so it's my choice as to what I name it. 

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