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The Order of Sileo DoE


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The Order of Sileo


Sileo has been founded on the principles of Strength and Unity. The founding nations of the order, have fought, nuked and killed together. We have been through thick and thin together and this makes the member nations of Sileo all that much stronger. We are here to declare our existence to the rest of Planet Bob, for those of you showing us friendship, We kindly extend gifts of Frankincense and Mur. For those of you who think you may conquer the order, We warn you in advance. While our previous affiliations may have been wiped from the earth, and shoved into the Gates of Hel- Heavan.  We will Continue to grow, prosper and develop as we always have.


Oo and since Planet Bob loves preachy stuff..


On This Day, Saint Anthony, standing on top of the highest hill, thrust his sword into the ground and told his men that this is where Hope would be founded. The home of the greatest city to be seen; and the home to the Order of Sileo. Overlooking the valley ravaged by war, He placed the first stone. The clouds cleared, and the hill that would one day be the great City of Hope, was set alight by warm sunlight. To this day, the people of the Order still celebrate Saint Anthony and his sacrifices on the battlefield, and most importantly, off them.


tl;dr TCSS = TOS now. We where tired of ebola. We're protected by TSC.




The Charter of Sileo

Article I. Introduction
The Order of Sileo was founded on the principles of Strength, Unity, and Loyalty. Sileo was founded to create an elite community where nations could prosper and protect each other. A

Article II. Membership

(1) Applying for Membership:
2.1.1) Step 1: Once an application has been posted, a forty-eight hour questioning period will open. In which the Citizens of Sileo may ask the applicant questions ect.
2.1.2) Step 2: If it is decided to allow the applicant to continue, He will then enter a seven day period in which he must sign into the forums or IRC at least once a day if not more.

(2) The Citizen's Code:
The Citizens of Sileo are held to a high standard; each Citizen must be respectful to all government members, Citizens and foreign diplomats. The Citizens also acknowledge that while they are important, but the needs of the Order come first.

(3) Levels of Membership:
2.3.1) Applicant: The applicant is under a seven day period in which they will be checked in for IRC and forum activity, They have a very limited amount of internal access.
2.3.2) Citizen: The Citizen is a full member of Sileo, They have taken the Oath of Citizenship and meet the activity requirements. They have access to all boards other than the government boards.
2.3.3) Noble: The Noble is a dedicated Citizen of the Order. The King or Minister of Interior may grant this title to any who deserve it.

Article III. Ministries

(1)Royal Council:  
3.1.1) All below ministers are members of the Royal Council, As well as the King and Prince.

(2)Royal Treasury:

3.2.1) The Royal Treasury is in charge of the Kingdom’s Bank and Economy. The Economy tasks include tech, trade, and aid.

(3) Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

3.3.1) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends diplomats to foreign alliances to work on improving foreign relations with other alliances.

(4) Ministry of Defense:

3.4.1) The Ministry of War must be ready to fight a war at all times. They must organize the military of the Kingdom, and keep it organized at all times.

(5) Ministry of The Interior:

3.5.1) The Ministry of the Interior is in charge of keeping communication open with the membership and making sure the members are heard. The Royal Office of the Interior is also in charge of masking members, and managing the forums and IRC channels.

(6) Ministry of Citizenship:

3.6.1) The Ministry of Citizenship is in charge of managing applications and recruiting new Citizens to the Kingdom. They manage and educate the Serfs and Applicants.

(7) Royal Office of the Press

3.7.1) The Ministry of the Press is in charge of the publicity and media of the Kingdom.


3.8.1) Each Ministry will have a Codex outlining the tasks and duties that they must perform. A Codex can be changed at any time by a Minister, with the approval of either the King or Prince

Article IV. Government

(1) King:
3.1.1) The King is the leader and sovereign of Sileo.

3.1.2) The King has the final say of everything that goes on within Sileo, Holding veto power on Royal Council Decisions
3.1.3) The King holds all power in Sileo, except for the powers delegated to the Prince and Ministers.
3.1.4) If the King goes missing for fifteen days, the Prince will serve as acting King. The acting King has all normal powers as the King but may not make charter amendments or declare war/peace unless he or she has the approval of the Royal Council.

(2) Prince:
3.2.1) The Prince oversees Sileo, making sure everything is running smoothly.
3.2.2) If the King is not available, the Prince will do the duties delegated to the King in subsection 3.1.2. Though to declare war or peace the Prince must have the approval of all nessacary members of the Royal Council.
3.2.3) The Prince is next in line to the office of King. When the King steps down, or is impeached, the Prince will become King, or appoint someone to do so
3.2.4) The Prince is appointed by the King.

(3) Ministers:
3.3.1) There are Six Ministers, and each Ministry is in charge of his or her own Ministry
3.3.2) The following titles are for each department:
  • Ministry of Defense: Minister of Defense
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: High Envoy
  • Ministry of Citizenship: Minister of Citizenship
  • Royal Treasury: Royal Treasurer
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs: Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Royal Office of the Press: Minister of the Press
3.3.3) The Ministers are appointed by the King.

Article V. War & Peace

(1) Acts of War
4.1.1) Acts of war upon Sileo are: espionage, threats, and aggressive action towards us or our friends. War may also be declared by the King for other reasons. Those reasons may also be reviewed by the Prince and Royal Council if they are in question.

(2) Treaties
4.2.1) Treaties are to be organized by the Royal Envoy, drafted and brought forth to the Royal Council. A 75% (6/8) vote must be carried out by the Royal Council

(3) Espionage
4.3.1)Espionage is a bad thing. If a member of Sileo is found committing espionage that member will automatically be expelled from the alliance.

(4) Desertion
4.4.1) Nations are expected to fight with his comrades during time of war, if they desert a member of the Council, will work on proper punishment.

(5) Peace
4.5.1)  The order of Sileo prides itself on its Strength and Unity. Shall it become necessary to bring a conflict to an end, The Royal Council must vote 75% in favor of peace. In the event White Peace is to be established a combination of two of  the; King,  Prince or Royal Envoy may agree to white peace.

Article VI. Nuclear Policy

Sileo believes in a first strike nuclear policy. Have fun.

Article VII. Raiding

Sileo believes unaligned nations on “none” may be raided but offered peace after each days attacks.

Any raids will on a member of the order will be met with swift retaliation and viewed as an act of aggression.

Article VIII. Impeachment and Expulsion

(1)Ousting the Royals
6.1.1) Ousting the King must be brought forth by a member of Sileo, then the Ministers and Prince vote on the matter, if the vote is a majority, the vote is made public. The public vote must be 75%+1 in favor of impeaching the King in order to impeach the King. The above goes for ousting the Prince except the King and Ministers vote on the impeachment.
6.1.3) A Minister may be impeached if they aren’t doing their job correctly. The King, Prince, or a majority vote from the other Ministers will impeach a Minister.

(2) Expulsion
A member can be expelled from Sileo, if he or she has committed a crime. The sentencing will be carried out by the King, Prince, or Minister of Internal Affairs.

Article VIIII. Amendments

The charter may be amended at any time, by approval of the King, Prince, and all Council. 

King Jacob Hanson of Serbania

Prince Warpool of Warpoles

DomT602 of Balin - Royal Treasurer

Vengir of Vengirland – Minister of Internal Affairs

Karrajor of Glorft - Minister of Defense

Karagos of Ragnarock - Ambassador of Flame (MoFA)


Edited by Jacob Hanson
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