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Zapadnaya Respublika Elections (4)

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[b][u]ZCNA News: Presidential decree dissolves Parliament[/b][/u]


[i]“Hours of speculation have ended this afternoon as His Excellency the President announced a dissolution of the Senate and the National Assembly due to political gridlock which has paralyzed the government since the last election. In an announcement from the Office of the President, a presidential decree was issued clearing the way for an immediate snap election.


Prime Minister Grigorova requested the move as a last resort after the failure of the governing coalition to agree on economic matters and on the parameters of the national budget. The Prime Minister’s Justice & Development Party (JDP) will be seeking a strong enough mandate to govern without the support of the Republican People’s Party (RPP) and to block a strong challenge from the European Future Party (EFP). While all pre-election polls have been inconclusive thus far, all parties have stressed the importance and urgency of having a one party governing majority in the National Assembly.


The situation in the Senate is viewed as being less important due to the focus on economic policy and reform, so the most closely watched races will be those between candidates in the National Assembly. Additionally, voters will be asked to endorse the convening of a National Consultative Constitutional Assembly (NCCA) to draft a series of amendments to the Zapadnayan Constitution.”[/i]

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[b][u]ZCNA News - Low turnout predicted as polls close[/b][/u]


[i]"Voting has now ended across Zapadnaya and the results are being tabulated by the Electoral Council. While there are no official estimates of voter turnout available, most pollsters are suggesting that turnout in this election may have dropped to a historic low. Most polling locations in Eastern Zapadnaya, a stronghold of the Justice & Development Party (JDP), are reporting extremely low turnout which will likely favor the opposition.


The first unofficial exit poll for the election suggests that the Socialist Party (SP) is on course to be the largest party in the Parliament and Senate. The exit poll also suggested that most Zapadnayans voted in favor of convening a Constituent Assembly to modify the Constitution."[/i]

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ZCNA News – Electoral disaster for JDP


“The last of the votes has been counted, and the electoral results are now known. The Prime Minister’s gamble that the electorate would respond to the failure of the coalition by re-electing her with a strong mandate has backfired spectacularly and has reshaped the country’s political scene. While elections were not due for another two years, Prime Minister Grigorova and her Justice & Development Party (JDP) were unable to effectively govern as a minority government without the support of the Republican People’s Party (RPP). The RPP would frequently use its key votes in Parliament to hold the government hostage and extract political concessions in line with their agenda. This practice led to a spectacular showdown in which the RPP blocked the adoption of the national budget in order to demand spending increases.


Faced with the prospect of prolonged political paralysis, the Prime Minister requested an early election and urged the forming of a majority government with a strong mandate for economic and social reforms. Despite a relatively short campaign cycle, and opposition parties who were initially caught wrongfooted by the snap polls, the JDP found itself unable to mobilize their voters. The Socialist Party and the Republican People’s Party spent the campaign attacking the government over the state of the economy and both parties pledged to cut income taxes and increase social spending.



-National Assembly Result


Despite an energetic campaign mounted by all parties, and some signs of economic recovery, most voters opted not to vote resulting in the lowest voter turnout in the modern history of the Republic. According to the Election Council, voter turnout for this election was 49.481% down from the 89.80% turnout in the last election. The Election Council also noted, with some concern, that turnout in the capital city was 28.26%. The highest turnout recorded was 68.24% in Varna, while the lowest turnout was 3.2% in Burgas. With all of the votes counted, the Election Council has confirmed that the Socialist Party (SP) has won an absolute majority in both the National Assembly and the Senate. The Socialist Party will have 259 seats in the Parliament and 60 Senators, while the Justice & Development Party (JDP) will hold onto only 163 seats in Parliament and will have only 15 Senators.



-Senate Result


In light of the poor election result, outgoing Prime Minister Iskra Grigorova has congratulated the Socialist Party leadership and has suggested that she is prepared to resign as leader of the JDP. Prime Minister Grigorova issued a short statement thanking party officials for their efforts before rushing to an unscheduled meeting with His Excellency the President.”

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[b][u]ZCNA News: Socialist Party presents cabinet for confidence vote[/b][/u]


[i]“Newly elected Prime Minister Nikolai Genadiev presented his Socialist Party cabinet nominees to the National Assembly this afternoon for a vote of confidence. With the solid Socialist Party [SP] majority in the Parliament, the government will easily win approval for its nominations. According to the Prime Minister’s spokesman, the Socialist Party has decided to abolish the Ministry of European Affairs and to attach the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Health & Family Policy in order to reduce the total number of Ministerial portfolios in the new government.


Prime Minister Genadiev’s appointments were mostly expected due to his strong tendency to appoint individuals within the party who are close allies. However the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Sevastian Markov as Defense Minister and his brother Miroslav Markov as Minister of Justice took most analysts by surprise as the charismatic Markov brothers are often cited as potential future leadership candidates for the Socialist Party.


The Prime Minister’s decision to appoint ‘reformed Marxist and recovered alcoholic’ Vitaly Todorov as Finance Minister has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum and is likely to shake confidence in the sustainability of the government’s economic program. Despite these challenges, most political analysts are optimistic that the Genadiev Administration has the potential to make significant changes. There remains a concern that the party will have to effectively manage the expectations of its hard left supporters in order to implement a viable economic program.”[/i]

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