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DEFCON 1 Updates DoW on Atlas

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Omaha Omaha, yeah KG you shouldnt down declare lke you are.  So DEFCON 1 is declaring war on Atlas!


Omaha Omaha, Atlas split their alliance and de-escalted the numbers against FF.  Our dow is continued aggression on Atlas, and Raiding  the Angles of War.  War against Atlas could end when Atlas sends peace to FF.  Raiding will only be three day per war spot, it is our intension to reap not destroy nations.  Our decision to include Angle of Wars is because they were a part of this lop sided declare.


Defcon 1 will be raiding additional nations not nameed with three day raid policey.  So let the fun begin.

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Raiding to reap?


oh politics...


edit: Kudos to DEFCON 1 and its honorable stance to finish the unfair raids on AoW. You got my (everyone's) respect!  ^_^


edit 2: scratch that... thanks:  http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000021

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