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Atlas Debacle

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I know I things between FF and Atlas have been rough but I have been talking with KG3 and I believe he has learned his lesson. I request that everyone stop war with Atlas and Angels of War effective on the 15th. I recommended to him that he patches things up with his alliance(s) and goes and joins an alliance that will teach him how an alliance works in TE. I recommended that he ask Cowboy or Fata1ity if he could join DEFCON 1 to learn how an alliance works correctly. We all are human and at one point we were all new to TE. We all had to learn from someone at one point. Cut him some slack. I believe that even with this setback FF can rebound and crush it this round. BTW I'm proud of you guys over at D1. It's nice to see you guys holding the top spot where you belong. You guys are probably one of the classiest TE alliances ever. As a whole Atlas is not a bad alliance they are just new and weren't sure how TE works. It only takes one mistake to cause a huge mess and I believe he should get another chance. I know what he did was downright wrong but I believe they as an alliance deserve a second chance. Cazaric I hope you give your guy another chance and you guys can fix the void in your alliance.



   Top Gear


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Your starting this thread and the comments you have made above just goes to show who is the bigger man Top Gear.

Just my opinion but King George III should be on his knees begging Cazaric to either come back or joining up with his alliance as that man has what it takes to make it in this game.

He saw where KG3 was taking the alliance and he stood up and did something about it whereas he could have just went to another alliance. He didn't leave his alliance mates hanging.


Hell I would have taken him into the Avengers in a heartbeat. Good man.

I wish you the best in your current endeavor Casaric and know that you have made a friend here.


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Omaha magic, send Caz peace normal TE protocol is not to destroy raided targets.  Most alliance will oblige, if they dont send peace pm me!  Stupid stuff needs to end.  I'd say you prob get 10days before some one will be crossing your warspot again!   GL 

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