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I can't think of a topic title to post so here it is!

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The alliances of Invicta, SNX, TTK, UPN, CRAP, CCC, NADC, LSF & SWF (hereafter refered to as "Nascar Coalition") hereby agree to peace with the combined forces of DS, DBDC, Umb, NPO, TLR, tJL, Kashmir, GPF, Argent, Ai, GATO, Atlas, Int, ODN, NG, NSO & SLCB (hereafter referred to as the "Hershey Coalition".)

The alliances of the Nascar Coalition agree not to provide any form of military or financial assistance to any alliance engaged in the Doom War, for the entire duration of that conflict.

Hershey Coalition:

Signed for Doom Squad,

Hapapants - God Prince
Ghost - Doomanager
Caliph - Doombassador
Xavier Rengegade Angel - Doomarshall
Stonewall - Propaganda Doominister

Addaff - Doom Adviser
Supreme Emperor Daeg - Doom Adviser
High Chancellor Liq - Doom Adviser
Lord Hershey - Doom Adviser
Banned - Doom Adviser

Signed for DoomBird DoomCave,

CubaQuerida - Angel of Death
TBRaiders - Wingman of Allarchon
Tayloj - Bunny King
Artigo - Powerlifting Champion of DBDC
Timmehhh - Minister of Wealth Redistribution
Oyababy - God Emperor of the No-Flex Zone
Ramon666, Gixxer
GrandPoobar, Elder
Noob Cake, Elder
Gibson, Eldest

Signed for Umbrella,

Roquentin, President
MrHiott, Vice President
DylanCarter, Head Envoy
AlmightyHero, Crownguard, White Majik Envoys
TimLee, Field Marshal
domisi, Generator

Signed for the New Pacific Order,

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Dungeon Master of Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Lord of Darkness,
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs of the New Pacific Order

Signed for the Orange Defense Network,

Secretary General: OsRavan
Assistant Secretary General:eZe
Secretary of Defense: OverlordShinnra
Secretary of State: Nikolay
Secretary of Interior: bucovina
Secretary of Economics: PeachesIII
Senate LXIII:

Signed for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,

Assembly Chairman: Unstpblpimp
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Maxfiles
Minister of Defence: Mighty Spoon
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Angelremorse
Minister of Finance: Peroman200
The General Assembly

Signed for Atlas,

Alexio15, President
Sir Kiloist, Vice President
Franz Ferdinand, Chancellor of Defence
Dorian Martell, Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
Grealind, Chancellor of Internal Affairs

Signed for The Last Remnants,

Kestral, Triumvir
Jgoods45, Triumvir
Hombre de Murcielago, Triumvir
RushSykes, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Anarchy Inc,

Board of Directors:
Magical Muslim

Signed for The Javahouse League,

Max Power
John Churchill

Signed for The International,

The Congress of The International

Signed for Non Grata,

Steve Buscemi
Lord Nettles

Signed for the New Sith Order,

KirstenMichelle ~ Empress
Joe Stupid ~ Dark Lord

AdolphMussolini ~ Sith Lord
Hereno ~ Sith Lord

Signed for Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes (R.I.P.),

The general pool of Sea Men from the Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes

Signed for Argent,

Lowsten, the Great and Powerful Emperor
trimm, Regent
Junruler, Minister of Internal Affairs
Janax, Dragon Emperor

Signed for GPF,

Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General

Signed for Kashmir,

Barrage Brigade, Holy Motors, Last of the Fa\m/ous International Playboys, Lazy Jacks, Raging Philosopher Kings, War Jesus, and X-Men, on behalf of Kashmir

Nascar Coalition:

Aftermath Sigs

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,

Aurelius - Secretary General


For The Templar Knights

Teredona - Grand Master

For the United Purple Nations,

Seuwp, Head of State
Robster, Second in Command
Altheus, Defense
Hansarius, Internal Affairs


Triumvirate- jrkee, p8ntballerdude and legion-x

MoD- Megamind

Senate- Yosodog, Madcat, sippyjuice, lordstrum and mcp13

The CCC has voted and passes this.

Shergzus, Chancellor
Llanowar Elf, Vice Chancellor
Wes the Wise, Foreign Affairs Minister
JesusFreak, Minister of Defense
Yeshua Soloman, Minister of Economics
lilweirdward, Minister of Internal Affairs



Liltrekkie - Triumvir, AKA That one awesome fun kid
Chuck Normis - Triumvir/Founder of CRAP, AKA Almighty Lord Buddha
Constapatedape - Triumvir, AKA The smelly one



Ellis, President
Learz, Vice President
President Gunn of Acturea, Chief of Staff

Contra, Minister of War
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs
King William, Minister of Finance
Jon32492, Minister of Internal Affairs

rotty, Viceroy
Thrash, thanks for the casualties

Dre4mwe4ver, UN Peacekeeper, Military Advisor, Defense Contractor, and Agent [redacted] of [redacted] on loan to [redacted] by the authority of [redacted]

Signed for Libertarian Socialist Federatio & the Socialist Workers Front;
The Delegates Councils


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I keep signing all these peace documents, I'm gonna be the least loved person in DS history.  To our allies, love you guys long time.  To those we fought against, so long and thanks for all the casualties. 


Best to all moving forward!

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on behalf of SNX we like to thank NPO and co. for a good clean fight and getting out Tech:Infra ratio into better shape without NPO and co. help we would still have horrible ratio's. 





and now for more serious jrkee.


glad to see peace SNX could not ask for better friends who would stand by her side

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