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For peace and trust can win the day...

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The combined forces of Kashmir, tJL, AI, DBDC, NSO, SRA, PPO, and Kaskus agree to white peace with SUN and The Legion.

SUN and The Legion agree not to militarily or financially assist any SuperCereal Coalition alliances remaining involved in the conflict.

/s/ Kashmir
Barrage Brigade, Holy Motors, Last of the Fa\m/ous International Playboys, Lazy Jacks, Raging Philosopher Kings, War Jesus, and X-Men, on behalf of Kashmir

/s/ tJL
Max Power | lonewolfe2015 | John Churchill | Haflinger
/s/ AI
Board of Directors:
Magical Muslim
/s/ DBDC

CubaQuerida - Angel of Death
Tayloj - Bunny King
TBRaiders - Wingman of Allarchon
Artigo - Powerlifting Champion of DBDC
Timmehhh - Minister of Wealth Redistribution
/s/ NSO
KirstenMichelle ~ Empress
Joe Stupid ~ Dark Lord

AdolphMussolini ~ Sith Lord
rabonnobar ~ Sith Lord
/s/ SRA
Redass Commander:

Walsh the Beloved

Executive Officer:


SRA Resident #$@@%:


2nd Flight leader of Screaming Red Asses , 1st General Secretary of the Communist Party of Screaming Red Asses, The all seeing eye of #Red_Ass:



Dre4mwe4ver, UN Peacekeeper, Military Advisor, Defense Contractor, and Agent [redacted] of [redacted] on loan to [redacted] by the authority of [redacted]
/s/ PPO
Captain- Lurunin
Supreme Overlord/CoFA- gowfanatic
CoW- SpliceVW
CoIA- general abmenaj
CoR- LaRiquea
/s/ Kaskus
Unknown Smurf
/s/ SUN
The Imperial Council of The SUN
Fen Dorbek, Second SUN Emperor
PSpiz, Imperial Minister
/s/ The Legion
/s/ Regent Pancras - Imperator
/s/ CodFCS - Proconsul
/s/ killer04 - Shadow Gov
/s/ Watcher - Drunk Retiree
/s/ Roddney McCay - Minister of Economics
/s/ tom the pit leader - Minister of Internal Affairs

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o/ NSO

o/ Kashmir (Master Hakai is best Hakai)

o/ the Javahouse Leauge (Max Power, come get your damned tech I've been saving forever)


o/ Parrots, AI, Smurf, SRA, Legion and that other one sorry ran out of steam.



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I'm very pleased to see this conflict end.

Huge congrats to all but particularly our allies Legion who once again showed they are a solid and competent group.

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