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Nuclear Jihad Communique

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We are here for the Glory and Spoils of War, and of course your goats! Join our Jihad against the pixels of the Infidels as we spread terror in the night and dreams of the masses! We seek your sorrows and your tears, and dance with glee around the destruction of your nations...Join us as we establish our Caliphate of Doom!


We are a Pink Team alliance and Harbinger of Doom is our Senate canidate...Our War flag follows and shall be all the flag we shall need if you feel me...Only the Dead will see an end to War! The Camel Toe wills It!

P.S. We have stolen guides and such for rapid enlargements of your pixels!




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Ohmaha not usre wtahs your camel toes about.......  Ohmaha

Clearly this man gets it! o7 I salute you Sir!

Infidels will swim in their own blood!

Join the Jihad Today...Join or Die!

Our Weather Watchers are predicting



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